Chris Page's success

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 Chris Page

Chris Page
"Years of dedicating my life to my career and not paying any attention to my own health and fitness had taken it's toll on how I looked, felt and thought. The size of my stomach compared to the rest of my body was troubling me, along with the "moobs" and lack of mental focus and clarity, I just wasn't feeling sharp and alert anymore. I knew if I wanted to succeed in turning my life around with the minimal amount of stress and in the shortest possible time I'd need some professional help and guidance. So I hired Ryan Phillips and to put it mildly I was not disappointed...
In 5 months I lost 9 kilos of body fat, dropped over 11 cm of fat off my waist resulting in a flat stomach and after just 16 workouts with Ryan my physical strength had increased by over 150%. One example of that was I'd gone from doing a total of 46 Push-Ups in the first session to 115 Push-Ups in session 16 and similar if not more improvements in all of the other exercises too.
One of my goals was to run a 10k in under 1 hour which in the end after several of Ryan's training sessions proved not to be too much of a challenge after all, I smashed it up in 53 minutes, so I entered the Ultra Balaton team event where I completed 2 stages totaling 30km. I also recently completed a 7km race in 35 minutes.
My mental alertness is back and I'm feeling as sharp as ever at work with a new found appreciation for my health and fitness. Regular exercise has a firm place in my diary now as does healthier eating. Thank you Ryan for all the motivation, encouragement and knowledge you've shared with me to help me make my health a priority."

Chris Page - Jan 2016