MAVIS SURRIDGE – New World Record & 2009 Millennium Cup Winner

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Mavis Surridge is well-known in the little-known sport of indoor rowing. Those Concept2 rowing machines you may have seen in the main gym area of Fitness First in Reading have been home to Mavis’s dedicated training for more than 5 years.

Indoor rowing is not only an excellent way to fat loss & improved fitness but also has the added benefit of providing a potential goal for everyone in the form of a national open competition held each year at the Birmingham National Indoor Arena. Each person competes over 2000m in their own category defined by age, gender & weight and absolutely no-one is excluded from competing in the event.

Phillips-Fit Personal Trainer Phil Chalmers regularly accompanies his client Gerry Hunt (who is registered blind & a single leg amputee) to the event & both compete in their respective categories.

Back to Mavis. Ryan Phillips, Phil & virtually everyone else at Fitness First never cease to be inspired by her exploits. While in her 70’s, Mavis won numerous World & British championships & still holds the Female 75-79 Lightweight world record.

On Sunday 22nd November 2009, Mavis moved up to the 80-84 Lwt category in the British Indoor Rowing Championships and proceeded to win the gold medal in a new British & World Record time of 9 min 41.6 seconds. Remarkable, but even more so given that she smashed the existing World Record by 22.7 seconds. In recognition of this feat, Mavis was awarded the Millennium Cup at the event (this is awarded to the rower over 50 whose performance was best compared to the existing World record). Mavis has now won the trophy for a record third time.
The link below will take you to the official Concept2 Millennium Cup webpage showing Mavis with the trophy.

Mavis, Phil and a number of other keen indoor rowing individuals regularly travel to these type of events as a group. They always welcome new “recruits” – why not give it a try? And don’t let age be an excuse. Mavis proves age is no barrier to competing at the National Championships as does another regular at these events, John Hodgson, who is still going strong at the age of 99! Contact us now if this inspires you and you want to find out more.

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