Reading Borough Council puts the “BOOT” into Bootcamp!

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Local small business owner Ryan Phillips of Phillips-Fit Personal Training in Reading has had his plans for his 6 week Boot Camp, “booted out” by Reading Borough Council’s Parks Department this week.Ryan Boot Camp1

Ryan Phillips, a Reading based freelance Personal Trainer, was ready to start his 6 week Summer Body Boot Camp out in Prospect Park this week to help a small group local people to get fit and shed some pounds ready for the summer.

Ryan was completely unaware that there would be a requirement to pay a fee to use the local park for a small get-together of 10 people for a workout until out of the blue he received an email from the Parks Department Duty Manager a short while ago stating otherwise.

Ryan says, “I did not for one minute think that there would be a requirement to pay a fee to use the park for a 45 minute workout once a week, you always see people running and exercising out in the park and I didn’t think anything of it!”

“The Council want to charge me almost £30 for each 45 minute session which I think is a totally unrealistic fee to use an area of grass half the size of a tennis court!”

“I could understand it if my whole business revolved around training people in the park and I was using it every day but that’s not the case, it’s just a 45 minute session once a week for just 6 weeks”

Ryan goes on to say, “The Council wouldn’t take my personal situation into account and stated that they have to set standard charges and are unable to tailor prices for each individual event.”

“I feel that they should set their fees per hour of usage not per month, that way small business owners like myself would be able to afford to use the park and benefit from exercising outdoors now that the weather is better”

“With obesity levels at an all time high and the health of the public at an all time low, I feel that the Council should be doing more to promote health and fitness in the community. Also I feel that they should be trying to help local small businesses in these challenging economic times and not imposing unrealistic charges such as these”

Roger Bolitho from Reading was a keen bootcamper ready to start the course this week. Roger says, "I'm disappointed that the council are insisting on charging so much for the usage of such a small area of a very large park. Especially with the governments current drive on health and fitness. We’d be using such a small area and wouldn’t be interrupting any other members of the park.”

Ryan finishes by saying, “I felt it would be unfair to pass this cost onto my bootcampers and raise my prices so I’ve had to cancel the Boot Camp whilst I look for another venue”

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