Bootcampers Survive The Arctic Freeze

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The freezing cold weather and snow of late didn't deter a group of likeminded locals who are on a mission to lose weight and get fit for Christmas.

Despite the arctic conditions, the Phillips-Fit Boot Camp still went ahead outdoors last week and continues to do so this week in the evenings at Prospect school.

Boot Camp Coach Ryan Phillips said "It'll take more than a bit of frozen water and a bite in the air to deter this lot from turning up to Boot Camp!"

"We've had some pretty extreme weather conditions over the last few weeks, including freezing fog, subzero temperatures and now snow but our members have already experienced that once you get warmed up and get moving, you barely even notice the temperature, so it's not really as bad as you might think."

Boot Camp member, Miriam Fullbrook said "I enjoy escaping from my house, knowing that I am doing something good for my body and mind and also leaving my children with my husband. The snow doesn't bother me and I really love the "Yes feeling" after the Boot Camp."

Ryan said "When exercising in cold conditions like this it is important to perform a gradual warm up over at least ten minutes to prepare the joints, muscles, respiratory and cardiovascular systems for the main workout. A warm up of this nature significantly reduces the risk of injury. Wearing plenty of layers and gloves is also important so that you can keep warm during the warm up then strip down during the main section of the workout if you get too hot then add back layers during the cool down and stretch section to maintain a comfortable core body temperature."

Boot Camp member, Jack Visser said "Really apprehensive about the cold and hoped that bootcamp would be cancelled, but after the warm up it was just as much hard work as normal and really satisfying afterwards. Ryan has helped us calculate how much exercise we need to compensate for one hot chocolate or mince tart."

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