VIDEO PRESENTATION - 7 Top Reasons Why Women Fail to Lose Weight

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Over the last 7 years Personal Trainer, Boot Camp Coach and Fat Loss Expert, Ryan Phillips has closely observed the behaviours of hundreds of gym goers in the region whose goals are to lose weight and tone up. During this time he has identified a number of common reasons why many women fail to achieve their desired body weight or if they do, fail to maintain it for the long term.

"It's a well known national statistic that about 50% of new gym members quit within the first 3 months of joining, so people are obviously not getting results quick enough and they are losing interest and motivation fast!"

After years of analysis and much careful thought, Ryan has complied his top reasons why many women fail to lose weight. During a presentation at the International Women’s Club in Budapest, Hungary, Ryan reveals live for the first time his top 7 reasons why women fail to lose weight.

*** This information is applicable to men too! ***

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During this 20 minute presentation you will discover:

  • Why the "Fat Burning Zone" is a myth and why you should avoid exercising in the Fat Burning Zone if your goals are to lose weight

  • How to exercise effectively for rapid fat loss

  • The one thing that contributes to 75% of your total weight loss success and how you can optimise it immediately

  • 3 important steps to take when motivation levels drop and you feel like quitting

  • How to increase your chances of reaching your target weight by up to 500%

  • Why your bathroom scales may be your biggest enemy!

  • How your partner or loved ones might be holding you back from achieving your weight loss goals

    And more...

Find out NOW if you are making any of these 7 mistakes...

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