5 daily habits of a professional Sumo wrestler: Are you doing any of them?

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Professional Sumo wrestlers consume around 20,000 Kcal per day which is about 8 times that of an average person.

Sumo wrestlers have a number of other dietary and lifestyle strategies that enable them to develop huge amounts of body fat to get themselves into monstrous shape for their sport.

The typical sumo wrestler has a BMI of over 45 (morbidly obese) and a life expectancy of around 60 years.

So, here are 5 top tips if your goals are to become a professional Sumo wrestler or to just look like one. PLEASE NOTE - if you don't want to look like a Sumo wrestler but instead want to achieve a lean and toned physique then please do not do any of the following, simply do the opposite!

Sumo Physique Tip No.1 - Skip Breakfast:

Studies have shown that skipping breakfast slows down your metabolic rate so you are more likely to store more fat from the foods you do eat later in the day.

Studies have also shown that skipping breakfast or having a high carbohydrate breakfast such as a bowl of cereal or porridge, increased hunger later in the day leading to an 80% increase in calorie consumption compared to the protein/fat breakfast group. Just what the Sumo wrestler needs when he's got to put away 20,000 kcal per day!

Sumo Physique Tip No.2 - Only eat 2 large meals per day:

The more food you eat in one given sitting, the more body fat will be created as a result. That’s why sumo wrestlers only eat twice per day and eat as much as they can at each sitting (around 10,000 kcal per meal). So fill your boots at the "all you can eat buffet and don’t stop until you’re stuffed!

Sumo Physique Tip No.3 - Eat a large meal late evening or right before bedtime:

The best time to eat to lay down large amounts of body fat is late in the evening or right before bedtime when your metabolism is naturally at its slowest resulting in more of the calories you eat being stored as fat. Sumo wrestlers will even hit the sack for 3-4 hours after their first meal of the day to maximize fat development.

Sumo Physique Tip No.4 - Eat whilst watching TV or whilst out socially:

Studies have shown that whilst watching TV you are placed into a semi-hypnotic state which results in your basal (resting) metabolic rate dropping below basal. Again, the perfect time to eat and gain body fat when your metabolism is slower than normal.

Also, eating whilst watching TV or out for a meal socially results in unconscious eating leading to an increased calorie intake - the perfect double whammy scenario for the Sumo wrestler with a BMI goal of 45 plus!

Sumo Physique Tip No.5 - Consume beer (or any other form of alcohol) with meals:

A study on the effects of alcohol consumption during a meal showed a net fat increase of 20% for the following 20.5 hours post ingestion compared to exactly the same meal with no alcohol. The interesting fact in this study was that only one shot of apple brandy was used!

The reason for the net fat increase was due to the body having to deal with metabolising the alcohol (poison) as a priority over the protein, carbs and fat from the meal, where more of those macronutrients were stored as fat as a result.

To help develop that wobbly sumo physique, sumo wrestlers will consume several pints of beer with their meals as beer contains more calories than most other drinks.

So, you now know the secrets to developing a successful sumo physique but probably more applicable to most people, you now know exactly what NOT to do to develop a lean, toned and healthy looking body, one that will not only look great but will serve you well for beyond the age of 60.

If you lack the motivation to exercise and eat healthy then please get in touch now so that myself or one of my team of expert Personal Trainers can help you make 2012 the year that you take control of your health. One life, one body, make it count...!

To your success for 2012!

Ryan Phillips

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