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Filming begins for bodyweight workout DVDs.

German based film company, 4K ULTRA HD Movies, recently approached Personal Trainer Ryan Phillips to star in their limited edition workout DVD series. 

Two Blu-ray products are being created, one for beginners and one for advanced exercisers.  4K ULTRA HD Movies have recently made a shift into the health and fitness sector and are producing movies such as Yoga workouts and now bodyweight fitness workouts.

Ryan says, "I was honored to be asked to take part in this project, it has been a pipe dream for many years to have my own workout DVD, now I get to have two!" 


Both products come equipped with two entirely different bodyweight routines, no equipment required only the use of the individual's body weight, carefully designed by Ryan based on his 10 plus years of fitness training experience.  Ryan adds, "The beginners workout is ideal for people who have never exercised before or have not done so for for a long time.  Each of the two routines is broken up into two further sub-circuits (4 sub-circuits in total per DVD) so no matter how unfit you are right now, you can make a start."

Ryan continues, "I purposely designed the workouts to have lots of scope for progression so that as your fitness levels improve you can add in another sub-circuit until eventually you could do both of the two full routines back to back which would fill approximately 60 minutes; AKA "The Double!". Once you've mastered that for a while you can then move on to the advanced workout DVD.  This is for people who have a very good level of fitness and agility and is most certainly not for the faint hearted!  I designed the progression into the advanced DVD too so even elite athletes can get a challenging workout and have a go at taking on The Double!"

These productions will contain something very exclusive in that they will include Ryan's innovative 5 minute Muscle Activation Warm up routine - a unique system designed to prepare the body for exercise. Unlike stretching, which inhibits the muscles, making them weaker and reducing sporting performance, Ryan's 5 minute Muscle Activation routine will "switch on" the muscular system and help improve strength and performance during the workout. Ryan is a certified Muscle Activation Techniques® Specialist having completed Greg Roskopf's MAT® internship program in Denver, USA.

Both products have been filmed in 4K ULTRA HD (Blu-ray) and will be released on 30/9/2015. They can be pre-ordered on Amazon.
DVD cover beginners
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