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Personal Fitness Trainers in Reading, Thatcham, Tadley, Wokingham, Fleet, Yateley, Sandhurst, Bracknell, Henley, Wallingford, Didcot, Newbury and Basingstoke. Personal Fitness Trainer Ryan Phillips provides one to one Personal Fitness Training, free fitness program, exercise program and workouts routines, free consultation, group fitness training in Reading, healthy eating, weight management and nutritional advice to help lose weight, tone up, get fit, build muscle, sports specific training in Reading, Tilehurst, Berkshire.

The PHILLIPS-FIT 5 week Online Coaching Programme:

  • Goal Setting Guide

  • No Equipment Bodyweight Exercise Videos with instructions (30 mins max. per day).

  • Diet and Nutrition Help

  • Weekly (live) Coaching Calls

  • Members Only Forum

  • Daily Motivational Emails

With the advances in online technology and the fact that almost everyone owns a device with internet access nowadays, more and more people are seeking out professional help and advice from experts online...

This is exciting times, as the internet now allows me to personally help anyone anywhere in the world to achieve their health and fitness goals and at a very affordable price.

As such, I have developed an online personal coaching/training system which includes all the essential elements for your success; exercise, nutrition and lifestyle and at a fraction of the cost of my face to face Personal Training sessions.

Debra Bonson's 30 day kick-start results (Online Premium Package) 

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"I was curious as to how we'd workout while not in a gym, or even in the same room together. Having nothing more than a couple hand weights, I didn't know how effective working out would be. It definitely exceeded my expectations. Workouts were intense and I definitely felt them the next day. Ryan was also able to discuss the diet, and how I was doing overall during our training sessions."

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Chris Page's 30 day kick-start results (Online Standard Package) 

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"I lost 2.8 kilos and 5cm (2 inches) off my waist over the 4 weeks. Whether you've got lots of weight to lose or just a few kilos I'd highly recommend hiring Ryan to help you nail it!"

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Sabi Phagura's 16 week bikini show prep. results (Online Standard Package)


"I had been looking for a personal trainer for a long time but just couldn't find the right one. I had met a few who would promise the earth but I didn't feel right with them. As a travel and health writer I knew it would be hard to find a trainer who could advise me closely on how to adapt my training and eating plan to fit my lifestyle. But as soon as I was put in touch with Ryan via a mutual friend, I knew I was on to a winner. Ryan is extremely thorough and is very knowledgeable in his field. Every time I felt negative, Ryan would pick me up and encourage me so that I would regain focus. It didn't make an iota of difference that all the training was given via online. At the end of the day, someone else can give you the tools, but only you have the power to do the work. I seriously can't thank Ryan enough for giving me the right advice, encouragement and confidence to put myself through my first bikini fitness competition. I'm now in the best shape ever but I know I can keep improving. The journey has just begun and I''m looking forward to invest in my health with the ongoing help from Ryan."

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Sylvia Turley's wedding prep. (Online Premium Package)

Sylvia Turley

"I live in Ireland so all our training and consulting was done online via Skype. In our first 8 weeks together Ryan helped me to lose 2.6kg (approx. 6lbs) and lowered my body fat percentage by 2.5% (from 32.1% to 29.6%), my waist went down by 7.2cm (almost 3 inches) and I was feeling much fitter and healthier by then. Ryan set me up some meal plans to follow and we trained online together 3 x per week."

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Lajos Nyeki's 30 day kick-start results (Online Premium Package)

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"I didn’t know how training might work online. I didn’t know if it would be effective and I was doubtful at first... I lost 4 kilos overall, with some cheating, I lost 5 cm in my waist... Ryan was motivating, he was committed to my success. I could see and feel that Ryan is an expert in his field."

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To begin your Online Personal Coaching & Training journey and start achieving your goals ASAP please contact me to set up your Free consultation.

To your success!

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