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Personal Fitness Trainers in Reading, Thatcham, Tadley, Wokingham, Fleet, Yateley, Sandhurst, Bracknell, Henley, Wallingford, Didcot, Newbury and Basingstoke. Personal Fitness Trainer Ryan Phillips provides one to one Personal Fitness Training, free fitness program, exercise program and workouts routines, free consultation, group fitness training in Reading, healthy eating, weight management and nutritional advice to help lose weight, tone up, get fit, build muscle, sports specific training in Reading, Tilehurst, Berkshire.

You may be new to exercise and possibly feeling a little apprehensive about starting out. You might be asking yourself  “can I do it?” or “do I really have the motivation it takes to succeed?” or “I don't know what exercises to do and how often I should do them” thus delaying taking that first step towards achieving your goals.

You may have tried to lose weight many times before but been unsuccessful due to lack of motivation and ended up back at square one and decided that "NOW is the time to crack it once and for all but I'll need help...!".

Well here’s great news for you, by reading this now, you have already taken that first step on the right path to success and with help, support and professional advice from myself and my team of experts you will remain on the shortest route to achieving your ultimate goals! You are on the right path so stay on it and contact me now to arrange your free consultation.

A bit about me: 

My name is Ryan Phillips, a Personal Trainer and fat loss specialist formerly based in Reading, Berkshire, now based in Brighton, East Sussex. Although I'm a Personal Trainer Brighton now, I still manage my team of Personal Trainers in Reading who can help you. However, please click here if you or anybody you know needs a Personal Trainer Brighton.

I have been successfully helping people to lose weight, transform their bodies and regain control of their health and their self-confidence since 2004. During my 7000+ hours of 1:1 personal training experience I have developed a “Fat Loss System for Success” which addresses the three main areas of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle thus taking a holistic approach to achieving stunning and long lasting results. As you may have already discovered, exercise OR dieting alone isn’t enough to achieve your weight loss goals!

These photo’s show the kind of results I achieve from my personal training clients. You can click on each picture and read their testimonials. They are not exceptional case studies, they are the kind results I expect to achieve from every client that I work with, including YOU!



During our time together I will share with you these exact same principles in my Fat Loss System for Success so you too can achieve these same kind of amazing results. Contact me now to arrange your Free consultation or continue reading for more information about how I can help you...

Robert Bates – Tadley, Hampshire


"I started training with Ryan in March 09 and have now been training three times a week for one year. Over that time my level of fitness has improved dramatically and I feel so much better in myself. I have now lost 41Kg (over six stone) in weight with a combination of a healthy diet and exercise. Ryan carried out a meticulous initial assessment and tailored my exercise regimen very carefully. I have also been impressed with his regular monthly reviews of progress including assessments of weight, measurements, body fat, fitness, blood pressure etc. Ryan is a great motivator and gets the best out of his clients when working in the gym. I always feel that we are pushing the boundaries - but as Ryan says - "that's when the magic happens!

I had been concerned about my weight and fitness for several years and embarked on training with other personal trainers three times over the last ten years. Each time my progress faltered after a few months and I slipped back again. However, over the last year I have trained three times each week in the gym and only missed two sessions – because the road was closed due to snow! Put it down to working with a personal trainer whose enthusiasm is completely infectious. I now train six days a week – three with Ryan and three independently. I simply wouldn’t have had the confidence or knowledge to train independently before but now it is just the norm for me.


Before I started training with Ryan, I had a BMI of 42 and the chance of me reaching average life expectancy was 1:7. Now my BMI is 28 and I am closing in on my target weight. So now I have new goals - I am training to take part in the Fit Brit Challenge and I am also hoping to take part in a triathlon later this year.

I had tried and failed before but with Ryan’s help my life and health have changed dramatically for the better. Getting fit does need a big personal commitment but you need encouragement and guidance too. So if you want to improve your health and fitness, whatever your present level, I would strongly recommend you give Ryan Phillips a call."
Robert Bates – Tadley, Hampshire. *

 Anonymous - Reading

12 week progress:

"Well, I started my health kick on the morning of Christmas Eve 2008, weighing in at 219.6 lbs (99.6kg). I decided it was the right time because I was having pains in my chest, I’d be out of breathe at a simple task ( going up stairs) and my knees were starting to hurt. I realised something had to be done. So I spent the whole of December 08 psyching myself up to embark on a lifestyle change. I made a pact with my sister - in – law to beat the flab by summer this year and I was mentally ready.

One of the best pieces of advice I had was to seek professional guidance from a trainer and I was fortunate to have Ryan recommended to me by one of the gym staff. On the first session I had my initial Stats taken, which I dreaded for a week prior. I knew there would be some hard messages outlining how seriously at risk my health was.

January 6th 2009:
Weight 96.3 kg (so had lost some since xmas eve!)
Body Fat % 43.7%
Upper Arm (cm) 39.5
Waist (cm) 113.6
Hips (cm) 120
Upper Thigh (cm) 74
Resting Heart rate 68

In a nutshell, I was unfit, obese category 2 and very unhealthy… but had taken a step towards improving my future.

Ryan devised a plan that was a challenge, but not too intimidating! He was really positive and encouraged me to go a little further than I thought I could. Within 2 weeks I felt different, I had much more energy to push a little harder each week. Ryan also suggested I keep a food diary, which definitely helped me take control of what I was eating. Before I would rack up the calories and couldn’t remember everything I’d eaten. By just going through this process, it has made me conscious of my diet and I haven’t found it too hard really. Every now and then I really fancy a take away or a glass of wine, and Ryan has advised me on how to ‘treat’ myself wisely.

It hasn’t been easy all the time. Around week 8 I hit a bit of a low point. I was moving house, work was going through a tough patch and all in all lacked motivation to drag myself to the gym. Ryan was great. He, gently, kicked my butt into gear, reminding me how far I’d come and refocused me onto my goals. After that session I felt great, energised and back on track. Ryan also shared some motivational stories of others who have pushed to achieve their goals. Even now, when I’m on the treadmill striding up a huge hill, I think about those and keep pushing.

So week 12 Stats …
March 31st 2009
Weight 86.5kg
Body Fat % 35.9%
Upper Arm (cm) 37
Waist (cm) 102
Hips (cm) 112.2
Upper Thigh (cm) 69
Resting Heart rate 57

Total success after 12 Weeks:
9.8kg (1.5 stone)
26.9 cm (10.6 inches)
11 beats per minute (Resting Heart Rate)
2 dress sizes

Self esteem

As I said before, this is a lifestyle change and I still have a long way to go before I reach my ultimate goals, nevertheless having achieved so much in just 12 weeks I am excited about what the future will hold."

Anonymous - Reading *

"I have been working with Ryan since Jan 06 with the aim of improving my overall fitness and losing weight. The tailored approach to training that Ryan uses has significantly increased my fitness levels, helping me to achieve far more than I would have thought possible in this amount of time. As a result I have not only lost weight but can see my shape changing too. Ryan has really helped me to stay motivated and keep on track when the going gets tough and the will starts to wobble. I really appreciate his practical approach - no gimmicks here; a sensible diet and tailored training programme for lasting results. He has managed one miracle though - as a once committed gym phobic I'm now a gym regular and enjoy it! All this and he's a nice guy too - what more could you ask for?!" Helen Aylen - Reading *

Motivation & Direction: 

You may have joined a gym with great intentions of getting fit, losing weight or gaining muscle? A lot of people have only to find that despite “slugging it out” in the gym three or more times a week, they have become bored with their exercise routines or have been disappointed with the progress they have made. As I mentioned above, exercise alone is not enough to get the results you are after.

There is also a high risk of injury if exercises are performed incorrectly and at inappropriate intensities. All these factors can affect your confidence and self-esteem, which makes motivating yourself to exercise very difficult. It is often due to these reasons that 50% of people who join a gym quit within 3 months!

Unfortunately great intentions alone are not enough to reach your goals either. In addition you will need a safe and effective training program tailored to your specific needs and goals to maximise your results. You will also require healthy eating guidelines to ensure your body is nutritionally balanced and sufficiently fuelled to optimize fat loss and for a healthier and more active lifestyle. You may also need to address some important lifestyle factors that may be holding your progress back. I tackle all of these areas in my Fat Loss System for Success.

My team of Personal Trainers in Reading (and surrounding areas) will provide all of these vital components with the added benefits of motivation and enthusiasm, which will help to keep exercise fun and enjoyable. So contact me now to arrange your free consultation.

"I have been using Ryan as a personal trainer for just over 6 months and it has made an enormous difference! He is an excellent motivator without being a bully! He has an in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology and, as a result, is able to provide well focussed and realistic training schedules which yield rapid and sustainable results. In my time training with Ryan I have lost a considerable amount of weight, become significantly stronger and my general fitness has improved enormously. I would whole-heartedly recommend Ryan as a friendly but professional personal trainer!" Michael Palfrey - Pangbourne *


"I have been working with Ryan for nearly 4 months; initially he spent time assessing my fitness and general health in order to devise an achievable and progressive fitness plan that suited me needs and aims.

During these 4 months I have learnt that Ryan has an extensive knowledge of not only physical training but also anatomy, physiology and nutrition and this knowledge has helped me to achieve the improvements that I have noticed not only in my stamina, but also speed, strength and general health. This knowledge ensures a holistic approach to training that is safe, progressive and ultimately successful.

The fact that I am still attending training sessions twice a week is quite surprising to me and is testament to Ryan’s enthusiasm and motivational qualities. I can see the benefits of regular properly devised training and good nutrition in everyday life, much more energy generally, but also the improvement in my fitness and agility when playing tennis has improved my game immeasurably.

If you are looking to improve your general health and fitness or if you have a specific aim you wish to achieve then in my opinion, investing in Ryan's skills and knowledge is well worth it!" Penny Meadley – Southcote *


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"I've always played a lot of sport, but sitting at a desk for 3 years had definatly taking it's toll on my weight and fitness levels.  In January 2007 I decided to admit that this time I could do with some one to one help.  Although I still enjoy team sports, group activities and weight loss clubs had never helped me with my weight or fitness levels.  So through recommendations I contacted Ryan and set up a consultation.
Ryan really listened to what I wanted and needed and put me at ease, as well as filling me with confidence and determination that I could be fitter than ever and lose the weight I'd been piling on.  We set out realistic, though still challenging, goals and training times (we all have busy lives now days).  This was a really important stage for me as  was in the habit of setting myself unrealistic goals and then quickly becoming despondent and failing, I'm sure this sounds familiar to most of us!
Following a full fitness and health assessment, Ryan set out an interesting and varied training plan and program, spanning 4 weeks.  I stared to see results very quickly, as my statistics results showed improvement after just 4 weeks.  The Statistics session every 4 weeks (as well as a weekly weigh in) definatly kept me on my toes and kept my enthusiasm high as I saw the results each month.  Filling in Ryan's Food diary, when my weight loss hit a plateau, helped me kick start the weight loss again too (amazing how much sub-conscious chocolate you can eat!)
By the end of 2007 I had dropped almost two dress sizes, lost over a stone in weight and total 12 cm's, increased my fitness level by 16 heart beats per minute, reduced my body fat by 4% and most importantly felt healthy, happy and more confident (oh and nothing wobbled anymore!)
Overall it was the best investment I ever made (far better than spending money on a new outfit in a bigger size each month!)
Thanks Ryan!!" Joanne Winder - Reading *

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