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Personal Fitness Trainers in Reading, Thatcham, Tadley, Wokingham, Fleet, Yateley, Sandhurst, Bracknell, Henley, Wallingford, Didcot, Newbury and Basingstoke. Personal Fitness Trainer Ryan Phillips provides one to one Personal Fitness Training, free fitness program, exercise program and workouts routines, free consultation, group fitness training in Reading, healthy eating, weight management and nutritional advice to help lose weight, tone up, get fit, build muscle, sports specific training in Reading, Tilehurst, Berkshire.

Jenny Dyer's recent success - before & after pics!

Jenny Dyer of Reading, Berkshire, has hit her initial goal of getting to a perfect dress size 10...
ryanphillips – Mon, 2008 – 06 – 23 19:03

Why you'd be worried if your child eats a well known breakfast cereal

Breakfast cereals for children are less healthy than cereals meant for adults, and those marketed the most aggressively to kids have the worst nutritional quality, according to a new analysis of 161 brands...
ryanphillips – Sat, 2008 – 05 – 17 07:49

Summer Body Fitness Camp 2008

Starts on Monday 26th May, running every Monday at 5pm for 8 weeks to help you get in shape for summer. See more details here.
ryanphillips – Sat, 2008 – 05 – 17 07:42

Osteopath, Michael Palfrey B.Sc. (Ost) joins the team at Phillips-Fit

I would like to give a warm welcome to Michael Palfrey who joined the team at Phillips-Fit in the New Year. Michael, with his extensive 14 years of practice, will add a unique dimension to the team and greatly add to the benefits that Phillips-Fit has to offer their clients...

ryanphillips – Mon, 2008 – 01 – 21 21:34

Women’s fitness survey released

The Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation (WSFF) has released a report titled It’s Time, which reveals that women’s fitness levels are deteriorating...


ryanphillips – Fri, 2007 – 11 – 30 11:59

Brits would ‘rather die’ than do exercise

Most UK adults are not prepared to increase the amount of physical exercise they undertake – even if their lives depended on it. According to research by YouGov, on behalf of the British Heart Foundation (BHF), only 38 per cent of Brits would...
ryanphillips – Thu, 2007 – 10 – 04 11:53

Ryan takes FIT to a whole new level!

F.I.T - Functional Integrated Training is the latest craze amongst leading edge fitness professionals.

F.I.T combines multi-joint functional exercises with dynamic movements using all major muscle groups to challenge not only your musculoskeletal system but also your neuromuscular and somatosensory systems. Due to the large...

ryanphillips – Fri, 2007 – 08 – 03 11:33

*** COMPETITION WINNER: Sian Davies ***

Congratulations go to Sian Davies of Cavasham, Reading, the lucky winner of the “2007 Spot the Cab” competition. Sian will be starting her free month...

ryanphillips – Tue, 2007 – 04 – 24 09:30

Don't close the stadium - I haven't finished yet!

Gerry completes the Reading Half Marathon...
ryanphillips – Mon, 2007 – 04 – 23 10:21

RESULTS: Wokingham Half Marathon

Phillips-Fit clients; Helen Lodge and Ian Pledger successfully complete the Wokingham Half Marathon on Sunday the 11th Feb 2007. The distance is 21km (13.1 miles). The Wokingham Half Marathon is now an established early-season...
ryanphillips – Mon, 2007 – 02 – 12 10:22
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