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Personal Fitness Trainers in Reading, Thatcham, Tadley, Wokingham, Fleet, Yateley, Sandhurst, Bracknell, Henley, Wallingford, Didcot, Newbury and Basingstoke. Personal Fitness Trainer Ryan Phillips provides one to one Personal Fitness Training, free fitness program, exercise program and workouts routines, free consultation, group fitness training in Reading, healthy eating, weight management and nutritional advice to help lose weight, tone up, get fit, build muscle, sports specific training in Reading, Tilehurst, Berkshire.








Phillips-Fit was founded in 2004 to provide a premium Personal Training service to the people of Reading and Berkshire. With a dedicated team of experts covering every angle of health and fitness, we can provide you with the right service to meet your individual needs.  


FREE consultation:

During your free consultation (lasting approx, 45 minutes), we will discuss your current physical activity level, health status, diet, activity preferences and find out exactly what you want to achieve during your programme and set some realistic short term and long term goals. From all this vital information I will then design a safe and effective training program tailored to meet your individual needs.

Contact Ryan to arrange a time that suits you.


Body Statistics and fitness assessment:

A 30 minute body stats assessment will be carried out at the start of your training programme to set the benchmark and each month thereafter to continually monitor your progress and ensure that you are on the right track to succeeding in your goals. This may include analysing your body composition (body fat %, Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass & hydration levels), body fat calipers, tape measurements i.e. waist to hip ratio, blood pressure, resting heart rate, lung power, fitness level, muscle strength, flexibility & balance. Depending on your goals we will only select relevant tests from this list.

"I have been working with Ryan for nearly 4 months; initially he spent time assessing my fitness and general health in order to devise an achievable and progressive fitness plan that suited me needs and aims."

A safe and effective training program:

After analysing all the information provided by you during your free consultation I will get to work on designing an exercise program specifically for you. This program will be designed in such a way as to allow modification as you progress. It will be periodized over a 4 week period and once completed, your second body statistics and fitness assessment will be carried out to record your improvements and analyze your progress. Periodizing your training program in this way ensures that during exercise you optimise the training effect whilst exercising at a safe level. There is a very fine line between optimum physiological adaptation (your optimum progress) and over-doing it; we aim to get that balance just right for you!

"During these 4 months I have learnt that Ryan has an extensive knowledge of not only physical training but also anatomy, physiology and nutrition and this knowledge has helped me to achieve the improvements that I have noticed not only in my stamina, but also speed, strength and general health. This knowledge ensures a holistic approach to training that is safe, progressive and ultimately successful."

Nutritional Guidance:

Regular exercise and healthy eating go hand in hand to achieve a healthier lifestyle. You will struggle to reach your goal whether that be fat loss or lean mass weight gain without it. Every fitness exercise program should be accompanied by healthy and appropriate nutritional advice. I will provide you with nutritional guidelines that will not only provide you with the opportunity to achieve stunning results in a very short time but will set you up with good habits for the long term to manage your weight without you feeling like you're on a diet!

"The fact that I am still attending training sessions twice a week is quite surprising to me and is testament to Ryan’s enthusiasm and motivational qualities. I can see the benefits of regular properly devised training and good nutrition in everyday life, much more energy generally, but also the improvement in my fitness and agility when playing tennis has improved my game immeasurably."

Motivation and enthusiasm:

I will help to motivate you to train effectively to reach your goals. Training sessions will be delivered with enthusiasm, and adaptations of conventional exercises will help to make exercise exiting and fun. I will closely and continuously monitor your progress to help you develop at your optimal rate reducing your risk of injury or over-training. This will ensure that your long term goals are more achievable in a realistic time scale through setting short term achievable goals.

"If you are looking to improve your general health and fitness or if you have a specific aim you wish to achieve then in my opinion, investing in Ryan's skills and knowledge is well worth it!" Penny Meadley – July 2007 *


Online V.I.P Inner Zone Membership (Free access):

For extra motivation, help and support from me and other likeminded people (my clients) who are going through a similar process as you i.e. losing weight, toning up, getting fitter, training for a race, building muscle, etc and to gain instant access to all my years of diet and exercise knowledge in the form of articles, discussions, videos and more, you have the option of joining my private and exclusive V.I.P Inner Zone and becoming a part of my online community right away.


There is a lot to learn when it comes down to changing your body composition and working towards optimal health and my V.I.P Inner Zone is the hub for all this information. During our Personal Training sessions I'll be drip feeding you with information on exercise and nutrition; everything you need to know to make your goals a success. Some people find all this information a bit overwhelming at first and find it useful to have it all written down and in one place where they can access it over and over again in their own time to digest it properly and refer back to it at a later date.

My V.I.P Inner Zone is also the place to share your progress with others, discuss your challenges, vent your spleen, help others in need of a kind, encouraging word and be a part of a small private community of successful, driven individuals all working hard towards achieving their ultimate health and fitness goals. The V.I.P Inner Zone site is accessible anytime, day or night, 24/7 and from anywhere in the world as you will have you own personal access code, you'll even have your own profile page which you can fully personalise with photos and different themes etc. There is also a live chat feature so you can engage in real time discussions with other members and myself who might be online the same time as you.

The content within the V.I.P Inner Zone site is continually growing and expanding, providing you with exponential levels of value month on month.  

Current topics of discussion:

  • Fad Diets, ever tried one?
  • Weight Training Myths

Current articles:

  • Eggs: The myths are busted and the truths are revealed...
  • Everything you need to know about Omega 3 fish oils
  • Is your lack of drinking water making you fatter?
  • How much water do I really need to drink?
  • Why is breakfast so important?
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  • How eating whilst watching TV can make you fat!
  • 3 popular exercises to avoid if your goals are to lose weight
  • The Water Bottle Workout - Your simple solution to not blowing your results when on holiday

The list here is endless as I’m frequently updating the site with more cutting edge material over the months to come helping to make your journey of achieving your goals a smoother and easier ride.

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Sports Injury Rehab using MAT®:

MAT® stands for Muscle Activation Techniques which is a system designed to evaluate and treat muscular imbalances. MAT® looks at muscle tightness as a form of protection in the body. Weak or inhibited muscles can create the need for other muscles to tighten up in order to help stabilize the joints. MAT® gets to the root of pain or injury by addressing muscle weakness rather than muscle tightness. This helps to restore normal body alignment, thereby, decreasing pain, reducing muscle stiffness, reducing your risk of injury and improving your physical performance and fat burning potential.

Greg Roskopf MAT1

 Owner and developer of MAT®, Greg Roskopf, explains the principles behind MAT®

Muscle activation refers to the process of ‘jumpstarting’ the muscle. The goal of Muscle Activation Techniques is to identify the position of weakness and the muscles that are inhibited, and then to activate these muscles – basically switch them back on.

For a more simplistic approach to understand muscle function, compare the body to a car. The initiation of a muscle contraction occurs similarly to the way a battery initiates the starting of a car. Both rely on connections that transfer electrical energy to produce a reaction. The nerves that run from the spinal cord to the muscle are just like the cables that run from the ignition to the battery. When the key is turned in the ignition, the impulses transfer through the cables to the battery allowing the car to start. Similarly, in the body, when a message is sent from the brain, the input is transferred through the nerves to the muscles creating muscle contraction. Each muscle is independently innervated; therefore it can be seen as having many batteries, each connected by its own independent cables. When the body is functioning properly, with all batteries connected, each muscle will contract on demand and the body will function very

Many times, due to factors such as stress, trauma or overuse, the neurological connections may become altered, creating a reaction in the body similar to that of loose battery cables in your car. When the brain sends a message for a muscle to contract, the muscle does not respond immediately, creating increased demand on other muscles to perform the desired movement. The result becomes what we know as compensation. Over time, these compensation patterns create altered alignment in the joint, leading to joint instability and abnormal wear on the joint surfaces. The end result becomes pain and eventually osteoarthritis. The progressive degeneration has been correlated with aging. If identified and properly addressed, it does not have to occur.

While most therapies focus on treating the muscles with tension and/or pain, MAT® gets to the root of pain or injury by addressing muscle weakness rather than muscle tightness. MAT® views muscle tightness as a form of protection in the body. Weak or inhibited muscles can create the need for other muscles to tighten up in order to help stabilize the joints. The goal of MAT® is to identify the inhibited or weak muscles that are creating a protective response and then ‘jumpstart’ these muscles in order to improve their contractile capability.

If the tight muscles are stretched or massaged— without addressing the root cause, the inhibited or weak muscle—then we may have violated the body’s protective mechanism. We must know that when we increase range of motion through modalities like stretching or massage, that there is also stability through that increased range. MAT® provides the checks and balances system to make sure that this happens. That is why MAT® is a great adjunct to all forms of exercise and therapy.

MAT® can slow down or even reverse the aging process. If it is recognized that muscles are designed to stabilize and support the joints naturally; it must be understood that arthritic conditions and joint instability can be helped or prevented when muscles are prepared to function properly. All that is needed is to create proper connections between the brain and the muscles. Muscle Activation Techniques does this. It provides the ability for the body to function the way that it was designed to function. Just like with a dead battery, the muscles must be jumpstarted and the cables must be tightened before the muscle will function properly. In simplistic terms, through MAT®, muscles that have improper neurological connections are identified, then jumpstarted; creating the ability for the muscles to stabilize the joints and reduce joint stresses that lead to arthritic conditions. That is when the body becomes efficient and the related aches and pains are deterred.

Another issue that results from when muscles are not contracting properly is that they don’t “burn” fuel optimally. Glucose uptake is solely dependent on muscle contraction; in other words, if your muscles are not contracting optimally then you’re not burning fuel properly and this will have a negative effect on your fat loss even if you’re training hard and eating a healthy diet.

I am one of only a handful of MAT® Certified Personal Trainers in the UK having the specialised knowledge, skills and tools to assess you from head to toe, checking almost every muscle and joint in your body to identify any areas of muscle weakness or inhibition you may have. Then by performing low level isometric contractions to those weak muscles I can “jumpstart” those muscles, switching them on again thus improving the range of motion of the joint instantly giving you pain free range of motion and at the same time releasing muscle tightness.

If you would like more information on MAT® or would like to book an assessment then contact Ryan now.

"Im a fire fighter who has been struggling with lower back problems. It was keeping me from carrying out my full duties, stopping me from taking part in all the sport that i've always done and just basically hampering my life in a way that i had never experienced before. During this difficult 9 months i had seen physiotherapists (both private and NHS), received treatment from an osteopath, been scanned by an orthopedic specialist, had acupuncture treatment and also seen an occupational health advisor all of whom failed to diagnose and successfully treat my problem. I needed someone who was going to have vast experience and an ability to use intelligent methods of working.

After months of performing 'rehab' exercises at my local gym I happened to observe Ryan training a client. By this time had developed serious sciatic symptoms down through the legs and had totally lost faith in the advice i had been given. I was intrigued at Ryan's approach to training his clients. I have trained in various aspects all my life and watching Ryan it was clear his attention to detail was good and his understanding of the human body even better. He was discussing area's such as muscles that were perhaps not functioning 100% and the impact that was having on particular exercises. This underlined Ryan's depth in knowledge and understanding so i decided that this was someone i wanted to put my trust in.

Since our first session of MAT i have not looked back. When you've had a long term serious problem like mine it takes a lot to go into a gym and do things that you fear may hurt but thats exactly what i do and our sessions are still on going. Ryan's experience and knowledge puts you right at ease and he has not let me down once due to his careful but progressive methods. Each session i get improvements and because of his attention to detail he knows exactly what i need to work on most and how he wants to do it.

Im on the cusp of returning back to full duty now and i have a lot to thank him for. He is one of the most forward thinking trainers i have come across and you really get the full package with him. He has the answers for anything i throw at him and i would recommend him to anyone who's looking for a personal trainer. Regardless of what your goals are, he can do it all. Even if, like myself you have always been involved in training and sport he can still enhance your methods, results, knowledge, diet and motivation and that is what sets him apart from others in his profession."

Jay Avery - Reading

"I recently commenced personal training with Ryan and, after implementing his advice on diet and water intake, very quickly felt the improvement in my general wellbeing.

However, I did initially struggle with part of the routine as I found it difficult to get into the safe position to carry out exercises like the deadlift. The problem was that certain muscles were too tight and inflexible and I just wasn’t able to manipulate joints in the right way. This was no great surprise as a previous personal trainer had discovered the same thing years ago. Stretching exercises had done little to help and I had gotten used to the frequent feeling that I could do with a massage.

After a couple of training sessions and an assessment with Ryan he suggested that the tightness might well be the result of counter weakness in opposing muscles. He explained about Muscle Activation Technique and how the solution was to identify the weak muscles and re-engage them, rather than simply try and force the tight muscles to stretch.

I decided it to give the MAT sessions a try. A month onwards and the sessions have helped tremendously. Some results were virtually instantaneous, while others are taking a bit more patience! However, the overall outcome is that I became able to confidently perform the resistance routine that Ryan formulated for me. Plus, now I can properly complete my workout, without the fear of injury, I am seeing steady, week-on-week weight loss and gain in strength. Not only that, but I have definitely experienced an easing in the general discomfort to which I had become accustomed.

Ryan has put together a well thought out programme that really suits me well; I always come away from his sessions feeling challenged and highly motivated; my diet is much improved and his MAT expertise has proved totally invaluable.

All in all, I am left in no doubt that I was lucky to find Ryan when looking for the right personal trainer and look forward to continued success with his help."

James Bishop - Reading

"I had been suffering from pain in my right Achilles tendon and calf for some time and it was getting progressively worse. By the time I went to see a Physio I was in constant pain not just when I was running, despite stretching out my muscles before and after every run.   The Physio said that I was very close to snapping my Achilles it was so tight and treated me with a combination of massage, ultrasound and stretching exercises.  These gave me an initial improvement, however, before long my symptoms of pain and tightness just seemed to be getting progressively worse with my Achilles and calf becoming tighter and more painful even though I was doing even more stretching.  Eventually I had to stop my running, due to the pain becoming unbearable.

I booked a Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) session with Ryan and within this first session I noticed some improvements, less leg pain and not as much tightness. Ryan found lots of muscles around my hips that were not working properly and explained that when muscles are inhibited due to trauma or injury, other muscles tighten up to compensate for the weak ones. This all made so much sense, as I was involved in a terrible bike accident almost 30 years ago where I suffered damage to my ankle/leg, so much so that the doctors said I’d never be able to exercise properly again!  Luckily I did manage to eventually get my leg working again so that I could continue to exercise but my body had been compensating for this injury for all these years and things were just tightening up protect these weaknesses from the injury. This is why the stretching and the physio I was having, wasn’t working.

I’ve been seeing Ryan once every fortnight for about 14 weeks now and during that time I’ve been able to get back to my running at least 3 times a week and can now do so, not only completely without pain but for longer, 50 minutes at a time instead of 30!   Thanks to Ryan’s MAT treatments I have eliminated all the weaknesses in my legs which has resulted in me being able to finally do my running pain free.

Thanks Ryan for helping me get back to doing what I love to do – RUN! : )"


Caroline Sowter from Reading

"Discovery consists of seeing what everyone has seen, and thinking what no one has thought." Albert Szent-Gyorgi, 1937 

Sports Massage:

If you are training regularly and your muscles are starting to feel the strain, sometimes a Swedish massage just isn't enough! So why not treat your aching muscles to a 1st class sports massage with our fully qualified and professional Sports Massage Therapists

"I had been training for many months and could not get my body fat percent down without losing muscle. After a consultation with Ryan I began a comprehensive programme that would see me achieve results that even I could not believe. After each consultation Ryan charted my progress and set new and exciting goals for me to achieve through each month. Month on month my strength (and muscle) grew beyond my expectations and a strict cardio programme saw my body fat drop month on month. My fitness, a priority with Ryan, progressed exponentially.

Not only was Ryan a help with my training programme, but also any questions regarding nutrition and training injuries were easily answered. Ryan gave solid advice on my eating plan and calorie intake, of which is 70% of any weight training programme.

I was surprised at the range of products that Ryan could offer at discounted prices too, from new energy drinks to state-of-the-art nutritional supplements. My whole experience of training with Ryan is one of gratitude, motivation, confidence in my programme (and my ability) and overall enjoyment in being healthy, fit and strong."

Chris J Moss - April 2008


Group Circuit Training sessions:

Group training sessions are a very cost effective way of getting in great shape and exercising with friends is fun too! For more details please contact Ryan now. 


Group Nutrition and Weight Management sessions:

For more details please contact Ryan now.


Additional benefits of training with Phillips-Fit:

  • Client of the Month Incentive Awards
  • Free access to the VIP Inner Zone forum
  • 25% discount on our Sports Massage Therapy sessions *
  • Discounts on Osteopathy treatments
  • Exclusive access to the worlds No.1 brand in vitamins/minerals & dietary supplements

* discount applys to 1 hour sessions at the studio