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Boot Camps are "old hat"...

So to keep ahead of the times we've revamped our old Boot Camp in Reading and added heaps more value to significantly increase your chances of success. We call it The FAT LOSS VITALITY Program - the ULTIMATE group weight loss, body transformation and wellness program in Reading!















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The next Boot Camp starts this Monda...
Mondays & Thursdays 7pm at Prospect School.
If you are looking for a group exercise class for a bit of fun, a bit of extra exercise and for something different to do in the evenings then our Boot Camp program is definitely NOT for you - go join a Zumba class! :)

However... if you have tried to exercise several times before and been on every diet under the sun with little to no long term weight loss success and if you are tired and frustrated about your weight and just want to see some REAL RESULTS FAST then you have landed in the right place so please read on...

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Unlike most other Boot Camps in Reading, our Boot Camp program is way more than just regular group exercise sessions. We provide specific coaching on your diet and lifestyle to tap into the key proven strategies that have been missing every time you have tried to lose weight in the past. In fact, 75% of your weight loss results will come from your diet alone so it makes good sense to learn and implement our key nutritional strategies to finally achieve the slim, toned and lean body you deserve and keep it that way for life!

"Bootcamp is great... And I hate myself for saying that! I even enjoy going on Friday nights!!! I used to do one in Bracknell and this is so much better :-) thanks!"

Lucy from Caversham

More about how we deliver that in a minute but first more about the Boot Camp training sessions:

The Right Exercise:

Unlike most group exercise classes (such as the one mentioned in the intro), our Boot Camp training sessions have been specifically designed for fat burning (particularly from the stubborn areas around the stomach), muscle toning, improving your fitness, flexibility and raising your metabolism all at the same time by expert Fat Loss Coach and Personal Trainer, Ryan Phillips.

A Bit About Ryan:  

Ryan Phillips Personal Trainer a 

Hi, my name is Ryan Phillips, a registered and fully certified Personal Trainer specialising in fat loss. I have been successfully helping people to lose weight, transform their bodies and regain control of their health and their self-confidence since 2004. During my 9000+ hours of 1:1 personal training experience I have developed a “Fat Loss System for Success” which addresses the three main areas of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle thus taking a holistic approach to achieving stunning and long lasting results. As you may have already discovered, exercise OR dieting alone isn’t enough to achieve your weight loss goals!
During my years as a freelance trainer I have been featured on BBC Radio Berkshire, in Zest Magazine, Health Magazine and appeared on numerous occasions in the Reading Evening Post and the Reading Chronicle as a valued source of information on health and fitness topics.

These photo’s show the kind of results I achieve from my private 1:1 clients. You can click on each picture and read their testimonials. They are not exceptional case studies, they are the kind results I expect to achieve from every client that I work with:

AnneH1aNeilC1bPaul FodorJennyD1aRob1a

Working 1:1 with clients means that I am limited to the number of people who I can help week in week out so my Boot Camps allows me to help a larger selection of people to lose weight and get fit and healthy. During our time together at Boot Camp Reading I will share with you the exact same principles that I use with my private clients so you too can achieve these same kind of amazing results for a fraction of the cost of Personal Training.

More About The Boot Camp Workouts...

Each Boot Camp training session lasts around 45 minutes which includes a 10 minute warm up followed by a 15 minute total body strengthening circuit designed to tone and strengthen your muscles, particularly targeting those problem areas such as the upper thighs, back of the arms, buttocks, stomach and back.

Then after a short break its cardio time which involves 5 carefully selected body-weight exercises repeated in a circuit fashion with short rests in between for a total of 10 minutes. Please be rest assured that you will not be required to run for more than 20 seconds at any given time during any of our Boot Camp training sessions. In addition to this, all of our Boot Camp exercises can be adapted to suit your current levels of fitness, strength and ability, which makes our Boot Camp program accessible to practically anyone who is willing to put in some effort. Your Boot Camp Instructor will show you the easier versions of each exercise so you can choose to do that if needed.

In contrast, to cater for the more advanced exerciser your Boot Camp Instructor will show you the more advanced versions if he spots that you're making light work of it! The body-weight cardio circuits really are the icing on the cake and have multiple benefits such as fat burning (especially from the midriff), boosting metabolism, improving fitness, increasing functional core strength, balance and agility.

After a quick drink, it's cool down and stretch time which lasts for up to 10 minutes. The cool down phase is specifically designed to safely and gradually bring your heart rate back down to a normal level, encouraging venous return to prevent blood from pooling in the extremities which decreases post exercise muscle soreness and prevents the development of varicose veins.

The Boot Camp session then concludes with a full body stretch routing to return your muscles to their normal length, preventing chronic muscle tightness, improving your flexibility and promoting the appearance of longer leaner muscles.

Each week, every single exercise in both the strength and the cardio circuits change so that over every 4 week cycle you will not have to do the same old routing week in week out. This extensive program design was developed for 4 main reasons:

1) to prevent boredom; you'll experience 40 different exercises in your first 4 weeks!

2) to prevent your body from getting too used to the same exercises; this is one of the main reasons why most traditional exercise classes (ie Spinning, Aerobics, Body Pump, etc) seem to stop working after the initial 3-4 weeks; your body becomes so efficient at performing those same movements that it doesn't expend anywhere near the same calories as it used to do in the first few weeks - despite the fact it still feels tough work!

3) rotate your tyres; by completely changing the routing each week we greatly reduce your risk of joint wear and tear and over-use injuries which can develop when performing the same exercises week in week out

4) no more platauxs - each exercise can be progressed and made slightly more challenging so after your first 4 week cycle  when you come back round to the first routine again in week 5 your Boot Camp Instructor can show you the progressions. As your strength and fitness improve, this allows you to make long term continual progress towards your weight loss and body reshaping goals without suffering from those frustrating platauxs.

As soon as you sign up to Boot Camp, you will receive your fat burning home cardio program in your welcome pack email which is a 20-25 minute interval training workout which you can follow at least 2 x per week on your own. This program has been specifically designed so that it can work for absolutely anybody regardless of your current fitness levels. This is achieved by manipulating your perceived exertion rate at specific points during the workout. You don't even need any cardio equipment to follow this program, although if you do have a exercise bike or any other piece of cardio equipment then it can be used.

There are currently 2 Boot Camp training sessions available to you each week on Mondays and Thursdays starting at 7pm.

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So, that's the exercise bit covered which will contribute to about 25-30% of your weight loss success. Now onto the remaining 70-75%; DIET, or NUTRITION as we like to refer to it here at Boot Camp Reading...

The Right Nutrition:

You can only burn a limited number of calories through exercise each day but where you can make a huge difference is through what, when and how you eat. Eating is way easier to do than exercising, and generally presents more opportunities to participate in throughout the day, so by following our Boot Camp Golden Rules you can start selecting the right foods for fat loss, create a larger caloric deficit so that you no longer need to spend hours down the gym and learn the 10 proven nutritional strategies that have helped transform hundreds of people's bodies over the last 7 years - all without starving yourself, drinking nasty shakes or only eating cabbage leaves!

When you sign up to Boot Camp Reading you will received your welcome pack email containing your nutrition manual immediately so that you can start reading it right away. This information is in the form of a 9 page, easy to read e-book (.pdf). It includes a 10 Point Daily Checklist explaining the importance of each point in detail.

At Boot Camp Reading we believe that the more you learn the more you burn, so we also provide you with a list of the top 5 foods to avoid for rapid fat loss, in the form of a 6 page report (.pdf). Several of the items on this list may shock you, as unfortunately the masses have lead you to believe that these foods are actually 'good for you'! Infact, this misguided advice which is unfortunately still being given by many nutritionists, dieticians and Personal Trainers is a major contributing factor to the obesity epidemic we face today! When you discover the truths about nutrition, you'll be able to make the right food choices that will turn your body into a fat burning machine instead of a fat storing one!

We don't believe in 'diets' here at Boot Camp Reading, so unlike other Boot Camps in Reading that will require you to follow a restrictive eating plan, making you feel like you're 'on a diet', we instead provide you with nutritional guidelines which give you the freedom to choose the foods that you like that fit within the guidelines. Think of it as a learning experience as opposed to being spoon fed a diet plan (punn intended!) which at some point you'll stop, and we all know what happens when you stop a diet - BOOM! - the weight piles back on, with interest! But with our nutrition coaching, once you learn how to eat for fat loss (and health!) you won't even feel like you're on a diet, you'll just feel like a healthy eater and the best bit is that unlike a strict diet plan, our Boot Camp nutritional strategies will be sustainable for life.

And YES you can still eat ice cream etc, all will be explained over the coming weeks...

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The Right Motivation:

The main reason why people quit an exercise program or diet is because they lost motivation at some point. I'm sure you have experienced this if you have tried to exercise or diet before. You lost motivation because either you were not getting results quick enough, felt too restricted, got bored of it, didn't have a coach, mentor, or a friend to turn to who understood exactly what you were going through when the going got tough or life just got busier and you felt like you didn't have the time anymore.

You could have access to the best exercise program and diet in the world but if you lack the motivation to stick to it long enough then there really is no hope! That's why at Boot Camp Reading we've taken this issue very seriously and developed a unique system unlike any other Boot Camps in Reading to keep you motivated. We achieve this by:

1) Changing the Boot Camp workouts each week so that you never get bored of exercising.

2) Providing you with a 4 Step Goal Setting Guide which you will received in your welcome pack email. This guide will help to plant the motivational seeds of excitement by setting out and defining your goals in a clear and concise manner, setting your timeframes and addressing any potential barriers that might crop up along the way. Studies have shown increased success rates of up to 500% by following this specific goal setting method!

3) By providing you with daily motivational emails; motivation tends to be high at the start of any weight loss program but soon starts to wane when progress seams slow or the stresses of life take over. This is one of the reasons why Personal Training is so successful, it provides that motivation, that accountability factor and that stern kick up the backside that we all need from time to time to keep us on track with our goals. That's why I've incorporated personalised daily motivational emails into our Boot Camp program, to keep you focused on your goals thus increasing your chances of success. It's like having your own Online Personal Trainer keeping you on track with a dose of motivation every day. Your personalised daily emails will continue for up to 12 weeks, so long as you remain a Boot Camp member.

4) By providing you with an online support forum where you can interact with other Boot Camp members and ask me any questions you might have on your exercise and nutrition.

5) Offering you upgrades on the Standard Boot Camp package - if you feel that you would benefit from additional motivation and accountability to make your goals a success then please consider our Premium and Ultimate Boot Camp packages which include weekly private coaching calls with myself along with additional benefits such as a Personal Training and Sports Massage. See table below for package comparisons.

More on our Ultimate Boot Camp-1 and
PREMIUM Boot Camp Package-1 Packages:

We recognize that for some individuals, more 1:2:1 help would be advantageous. So for this reason we have bundled together some of our top end services to bridge the gap between Boot Camp and our Personal Training services creating two elite Boot Camp packages.

So depending on your levels of self motivation you may like to consider our Ultimate Boot Camp-1 or PREMIUM Boot Camp Package-1 packages. Both of these elite packages include full access to our Standard Boot Camp program but with additional help and support via coaching calls (PREMIUM Boot Camp Package-1), Priority Response, Personal Training and Sports Massage (Ultimate Boot Camp-1). See table for package comparisons:

Compare Boot Camp Packages

Ultimate Boot Camp-1 package - SAVE OVER 17.5%! more details...

PREMIUM Boot Camp Package-1 package - SAVE OVER 20%! more details...

It is recommended that you commit to 12 weeks of the Boot Camp program to experience the maximum effects on your body composition, to have time to fully implement our nutritional strategies and to develop the new habits necessary for long term success. If you wish to continue with the Boot Camp training sessions beyond 12 weeks then you can and we reward our long term members with a low monthly maintenance fee (£51.90) and up to 4 week holiday each year.

How much does Boot Camp cost?

12 complete weeks of our Boot Camp program costs £210 which is spread over 3 monthly payments of £80, £70 and £60. You can cancel your membership at any time during the 12 weeks if you wish.

To put this cost into perspective, to have access to one of our Personal Trainers twice per week for 12 week would cost you a minimum of £960 and all our PT's are very busy helping people who experience the value in this.

Now here's the million dollar question:

Is £210 worth it for you to finally achieve the weight loss, the body re-shaping and the health and fitness that you have been longing for?

Only you know the answer to this, but we have put in the time, the effort and the ground work to create a very cost effective program that truly works and done all we can to share with you the benefits here today. The ball is now in your court to decide if you are willing to let us help you nail this once and for all.

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To make your decision an easier one, you can come and try our full Boot Camp program for two weeks completely risk free; We are so confident that you'll be happy with our Boot Camp program that we offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee! Within the first 2 weeks if at any point you feel that Boot Camp is not for you then just send us an email (ryan @ phillips-fit.co.uk) to let us know and we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked and no hard feelings. You can even keep all the nutrition manuals, goal setting guide, progress log spreadsheet and home cardio program as a good will gesture for at least giving yourself a chance.

Boot Camp places are strictly limited for your safety and to ensure that you'll receive our full attention. Click here now and secure your place today:

Here's how our Boot Camp measures up to the other methods of losing weight:

Compare Methods2

Boot Camp Reading is a monthly membership program and our pricing schdule is as follows:

First month - £80
Second month - £70
Third month - £60
Fourth and consecutive months - £51.90

Our full Boot Camp payment terms and conditions can be found here.

Boot Camp Reading runs all year round regardless of the weather
so you needn't worry about falling off the wagon when it ends! This also allows you to continue the Boot Camp program for as long as you like to achieve your goals.

Boot Camp sessions are held outdoors at Prospect school, which is an ideal location as it is private so there aren't any members of the public walking past you with their dogs! You also have access to shower and changing facilities, toilets and water supply if you need it and there is ample free parking available on site.

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Here is an email from one of our Boot Camp members:

"Hi Ryan

I don't know if you remember me but I was a bit of a regular when your boot camps started! Unfortunately money has been preventing me from coming and I have been attending a cheaper one closer to where I live. Unfortunately it isn't half as good!!! and I come away quite annoyed and frustrated! I have dragged along a friend with me and am always telling her how it isn't as good as the other one i used to go to! Anyway I have just seen your email with the offer and would love to take up this offer but would also like to bring my friend along too?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many Thanks

Louise Carter"


...2 weeks later...

"Hi Ryan

Can't tell you how pleased I am to be back! Ross is brilliant and i can already see some results ( where at the other boot camp I didn't). Yours is on hard scape, if wet, and also undercover. And lit! ( the last one was in the light of only one street light so v murky!!) And no dog poo or people walking through you exercising!!



So, for an investment of £210 you could become a part of our results guaranteed weight loss and fitness Boot Camp and start improving your body shape right away!

Once you've made your initial payment of £80 you get access to:

1. Your first 8 fun and fat burning Boot Camp workouts delivered with high energy and enthusiasm by our highly experienced and professional instructor

2. Nutritional guidelines and ongoing nutritional advice to maximise your results 3. Ryan's "6 Foods to Avoid for Rapaid Fat Loss" report

4. Four Step Goal Setting Guide to increase your chances of success by up to 500%

5. Online Personal Trainer - Up to 12 weeks of Personalised daily emails from Ryan Phillips to keep you motivated, focused and on the ball when the will starts to wane

6. A progress log spreadsheet so you can record your measurements and fitness to keep a track of your improvements

7. Ryan's 20 minute Fat Burning Home Cardio Program that you can follow in between Boot Camp sessions to maximise your weight loss

8. Access to the members only forum with personal access to Ryan and your Boot Camp Instructor and years of cutting edge diet, lifestyle and exercise information that Ryan  only shares with his private 1:1 clients and Boot Camp members.

9. 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee – If within the first 2 weeks (at least 4 sessions) you feel that Boot Camp is not for you then simply email ryan @ bootcampreading.co.uk and I’ll refund all of your money, no questions asked and no hard feelings!

Even if you decide to cancel your membership after the first 4 weeks you can still keep all the Nutrition Manuals, Goal Setting Guide, Progress Log Sheet and the Home Cardio Program.

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Results Guaranteed!

I know for sure that if you turn up to at least 2 Boot Camp sessions per week and follow my advice and guidelines 80-90% of the time, you WILL get noticable results in as little as 2 weeks and to back this up I'm offering an iron clad 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, that's right, if within the first 2 weeks you feel that Boot Camp is not for you then I’ll refund all of your money, no questions asked and no hard feelings! Why? Because I want to make this is a zero risk investment in your health and fitness because if you are serious about wanting to make those necessary changes to your lifestyle then I know you’ll get great results whilst following our Boot Camp program. *Money back guarantee not applicable to Groupon voucher holders.

Don't miss out, places are stricktly limited so sign up TODAY!

For our full payment terms and conditions please click here.

Beach Bodies1


The Right Exercise + The Right Nutrition + The Right Motivation = FAST RESULTS!

After just 4 weeks of Boot Camp you WILL feel fitter, lighter, more toned, have more energy and feel super confident! But don’t just take my word for it, have a look at what some of the previous bootcampers had to say:
"I really "enjoyed" the sessions as I saw results.My health and fitness level is soooo much better so I would like to thank you and Ross.
Ross has been very good when it came to alternatives when my knee was troubling me and good at encouraging to go the extra mile too!
Thank you also for the advice and emails I have set myself a target & I'm hoping to achieve it soon..."
Lydia L from Reading


"Before arriving I was worried everyone would be superfit and I would struggle. However, after the first session you realise you can go at your own pace and no-one makes you feel uncomfortable. I lost a dress size which has inspired me to carry on losing the extra inches. I had always wanted to exercise in the open air and it lived up to every expectation I had, it was excellent fun. If my diary allows I will be back again next Spring. Ryan is a good leader, firm but enocuraging."
Velvet from Reading

"I wasn't after weight loss, but overall i have definitely slimmed down. My cycle to work is easier now and i feel generally "fitter" overall. My scores showed a definite improvement over the 6 weeks. It was very useful to have something in the diary every week that was "immovable" - so that no excuses were available to miss it. Although i never really felt like going every week - i always enjoyed it and felt much better afterwards. Overall - very enjoyable and benificial - thanks Ryan...."
Paul from Reading


"I was apprehensive about joining the boot camp but I knew I had to do something different as although I was going to the gym regularly, I had fallen into a comfortable routine and not losing any weight. I also suffer from Diabetes and high blood pressure and I had to do something drastic to improve my health. The first session was difficult as I was left breathless during the warm up session and the exercises we did were not strenuous, but quite fast. This just confirmed to me that I was really unfit but as Ryan said, NO PAIN NO GAIN.-I was reawakening sleepig muscles. I have since attended all six sessions and have actually started to run on a treadmill at the gym, something I have been unable to do for a long time I have started losing weight and have lost about half a stone so far.Only half a stone you say, but I think some of my weight is turning to muscle(thats my excuse). I  have lost an inch of my waist and my friends are telling me that I look lighter. I intend to carry on with other sessions because I feel this method of exercise is benefitting me. I would certainly recommend anyone to come and be prepared to have a good work out and feel the difference. Ryan is very positive with bags of energy and pushes me to do a little bit more at every session which is just what I need."   
Vijay Mistry from Reading

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"For me the boot camp experience is not just about exercise.  It's all about looking at your current lifestyle setting yourself goals and working towards them. I am now more conscious about what I eat, what to avoid and how much to take.  After completing the boot camp I now know what can be achieved through exercise and watching what you eat, it’s a great platform to get you started." Stephen Warren from Reading

"Many thanks for a most beneficial and enjoyable Bootcamp programme, it worked really well for me. The intensity increased each week by a sensible amount and by the end of the session I always felt that I had worked hard and knew the benefits would show. It was great to also endure the mixed weather conditions. My weight lose showed around 2 kg's, and my body size, especially in my waist  showed great reduction, the notice point not only being on the tape measure but also seen in the fit of the trousers and the fact I needed an extra hole in my belt. My chest measurement stayed the same showing that I was developing that V shape. During the programme I was able to increase the number of repetitions with my training partner, who was also looking and feeling much better for the workout, although maybe not during it. I look forward to the next Bootcamp programme, and will be recommending it to my friends." Mark Bates from Reading

“I admit that although I liked the idea I wasn't sure if it was for me and whether I'd be able to keep up. I needn't have worried as I soon realised that the other participants and I were of varying degrees of fitness. On week one I found it difficult, but on week six my legs had become accustomed to the workouts and I was noticing results. My belly became flatter and my 'love handles' disappeared. At the end of Boot Camp I can honestly say I felt fitter and more energised. My fat levels had reduced, energy levels increased and I even looked fitter. The only down side to the whole thing was that it had to end. All in all the Boot Camp provided by Ryan was great. He really knows what he's talking about and he's there to help everyone achieve good results. Can't wait until the next one!"
Duncan Morton from Reading *

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Or get access to a 20 minute video presentation on Ryan's 7 Top Reasons Why Women Fail to Lose Weight

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience! I have noticed a real improvement with the exercises, being able to do more in the time limit. It has been great exercising outdoors and meeting lots of new people. I would definitely recommend it. Thanks a lot Ryan."
Tracey Haran from Reading

Don't miss out, places are stricktly limited so sign up TODAY!

"I thoroughly enjoyed the bootcamp and was challenged with exercises that I would not tried otherwise. Even though I joined in the second week, I felt that I made good progress with my fitness. While I still hate burpees, they're not as painful as they were! The atmosphere was great and I had a lot of fun."
Rachel Clarkson from Reading

Here are some frequently asked questions about our weight loss and fitness boot camps:

Q) What exercises will we be doing?

A) Body weight exercises along with using fixtures such as benches, railings and steps to allow us to hit those target areas such as the belly, the bingo wings, the back fat and the thigh flab.

Q) Is your Boot Camp for men and women?
A) Yes, boot camp is for both men and women although there tends to be a bias towards more women attending than men.

Q) How much weight can I expect to lose?
A) This will all depend on your current body weight; the more weight you have to lose the quicker it will come off initially. Members that have implemented 90% or more of the nutritional advice within the first week have lost up to 7lb (3.2Kg) in their first week. Much of this initial weight loss is water and toxins stored in the fat cells but it is an important part of the process and a great kick-start and motivation booster. You can then expect to continue to lose approximately 2lb (1Kg) per week thereafter.

Q) I hate running, will there be much running?
A) We acknowledge the fact that most people (especially if you’re new to exercise or have been inactive for a long time) absolutely hate running. Also you can go and run on your own or join a running club if running is your thing - lots of running during Boot Camp would be a waste of our valuable time together - there's much more fun things we can do that will actually burn more fat than running. As a result, we don't include lots of running in our Boot Camp program, in fact the longest we'll have you running for will be about 20 seconds at a time, could you manage that?

Q) Is this a military style bootcamp?
A) No. We have no military background and will not be shouting orders at anyone! Sessions are designed to be fun and challenging at the same time to get you maximum results.

Q) How many people are there at each session?
A) This varies quite a bit due to the time of year but we purposely keep group sizes small enough even at peak times so that the instructor can keep an eye on everyone, checking exercise techniques and making sure that you are working at the right intensity. Places are capped at 20 but at certain times throughout the year there may be very small groups of only a handful of people which makes sessions even greater value for money.

Q) What are the main differences between your Boot Camp and other Boot Camps in Reading?
A) There are a number of reasons that set our Boot Camp aside from all the other Boot Camps in Reading, for instance we provide:

  • Nutrition education rather than a strict diet or eating plan or old school generic nutritional advice such as food pyramids and counting calories etc
  • Daily motivational emails for 12 weeks
  • 24 hour access to a members only forum
  • No time spent hanging around chatting in between exercises - you're at Boot Camp to get results; you can relax and chat after the session
  • Amazing referral schemes which allow you to get access to Boot Camp for as little as £16.67 per month or get cash back from us!
  • Floodlit training area
  • Depending on the weather we have the options of using undercover and flagged surfaces or a grass field (and it’s dog poo free!)
  • Private training area – no members of the public walking by
  • Plenty of free parking available on site
  • Free shower and changing facilities on site
  • Smaller group sizes so we can give you our full attention

Q) What happens if it is raining?
A) You get wet! Bring a light waterproof jacket and an old towel. However, if it persists to hammer it down we will pop under the big marquee and continue the session under shelter.

Q) Do you personally run the boot camp sessions in Reading?
A) No, Roman Podzemny is your Boot Camp Instructor in Reading.

Q) What do I wear to the Boot Camp?

A) Trainers, tracksuit bottoms, leggings or shorts (if it’s not too cold) and an old T-shirt that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty as there’ll be some occasional close contact with the grass. Also, there might be rain so bare that in mind and have an old towel and dry change of clothes with you for the journey home (a bin bag over the car seat works well). The field has very good drainage so even when it's raining it isn't really muddy. There are shower facilities for you to use if you so wish.

Q) I've never done anything like this before, will I cope?
A) Yes! You don't have to be fit to join Boot Camp, in fact, the whole point of boot camp is to get you fit! Each exercise during the session is tailored to your individual needs so anyone of any level of fitness can take advantage. As a result, if you are unfit you'll never feel like you're being left behind.

Q) Will you be measuring my fitness and progress throughout the boot camp and if so how and when?
A) Yes. You will perform a number of basic fitness tests in your own time before the boot camp starts along with taking measurements of your upper arm, chest, waist, hips and and upper thighs along with your body weight. At the end of each 4 weeks you’ll perform the same tests and compare the results.

Q) Will you be giving any diet advice and additional training advice during the boot camp?

A) Yes. I'll will be sharing with you my most closely guarded fat loss secrets that I use with my 1:1 clients to achieve stunning fat loss and improvements to your body shape. I'll also be providing you with a timeless cardio training program to help melt away your body fat and maximize your progress during your time at Boot Camp.

Q) How much does it cost?

A) Boot Camp membership is £80 for the first 4 weeks, £70 for the second 4 weeks, £60 for the third 4 weeks then £51.90 for the fourth and subsequent months. To benefit from our sliding pricing schedule you must maintain your membership; if you cancel your membership then sign up again your subs will be reset to £80 again.

Q) How do I pay?
A) Right here online through the secure payments websit. Paypal or other cards shown below may be used. Register for Boot Camp here. 

Cards accepted1 

Q) Why are there 5 steps to the sign up process?
A) We take your health and safety seriously here at Phillips-Fit so we have an online application and detailed screening process that allows us to gather information from you that will ensure that you can make the safest possible start to getting fit and losing weight. In Step 1 you share with us your name and basic contact details, the day's you want to attend, the date you want to start and an opportunity to leave any other comments you feel relevant. Step 2 is your Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire where you complete your contact details, share with us your current physical activity levels, your health and fitness goals and answer "Yes" or "No" to 7 health screening questions. In Step 3 we share with you our terms and conditions and Step 4 is when you enter your payment details into our secure online payment system. Last but not least, Step 5 allows you to subscribe to 12 weeks of daily motivational emails which will continue so long as you remain a Boot Camp member and receive your nutrition manual, home cardio program, goal setting guide and progress log sheet.

Q) Can I cancel my membership after the first 4 weeks if I don't want to continue?
A) Yes, you can cancel your membership whenever you like. You just need to give us at least 1 week's notice in writing to ryan@phillips-fit.co.uk before the due date of your next payment. If you miss this one week's notice period you will be liable to pay for the next month's membership. Membership fees are non-refundable.

Q) Do you do any discounts for students?
A) Not specifically but we have very generous referral schemes in place that allows anyone to access our full Boot Camp program for just £16.67 per month or get cash back from us! Contact me for more details.

Q) What happens if I miss a session?
A) There are 2 evening sessions available to you each week. We recommend that you attend at least 2 of these sessions for maximum results along with completing your home cardio workout at least twice a week.

Q) What happens if I miss all my sessions one week?

A) Nothing, no refunds or credits are given and the sessions will go ahead without you. For maximum results we'd suggest you commit 100% to the boot camp program.

Q) Why should I choose boot camp over my regular gym class?
A) The great outdoors is the 1st advantage of Boot Camp training, there is something magical about training outside in the fresh air surrounded by nice green trees and wildlife. Secondly, regular gym classes get boring and monotonous and the instructors generally don't have the time to spend with you individually to make sure that you are working at the right intensity, it's all to easy to sit in your comfort zone at the back of the class and not push yourself hard enough to get outstanding results. I've seen people at my gym who base their whole exercise regime around doing these classes and they look just the same now as they did 7 years ago! It is time to break the mold, do something different and finally start getting those results that you deserve...!

If you have any further questions relating to our Boot Camps then please do not hesitate to call Ryan on 07801 556 778 or click here, We'd be more than happy to help you!




Our mission: To help you create a lifestyle that is congruent with health and weight (fat) loss.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: To implement our advice, develop new lifestyle habits making healthy eating the norm and integrating regular exercise into your schedule.

Yes please, join me up for Boot Camp!

For all Boot Camp enquiries please contact Ryan on 0118 907 1512 or get in touch via the website here

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