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Sylvia Turley (Online Personal Training):

Sylvia Turley
I first started up with Ryan because I wanted to lose some weight before getting pregnant. I wasn't at all overweight to start with but I was worried about all the fat I was about to gain during my pregnancy so I wanted to get even lighter to limit the damage to my looks.

I live in Ireland so all our training and consulting was done online via Skype. In our first 8 weeks together Ryan helped me to lose 2.6kg (approx. 6lbs) and lowered my body fat percentage by 2.5% (from 32.1% to 29.6%), my waist went down by 7.2cm (almost 3 inches) and I was feeling much fitter and healthier by then. Ryan set me up some meal plans to follow and we trained online together 3 x per week. 

I fell pregnant and took the first 3 months off of my training. Ryan specialises in pre and postnatal exercise so I had every confidence in him that what we were going to do during my pregnancy was going to be safe and effective. 

We resumed our online personal training at week 14 of my pregnancy and trained 3 times a week right throughout my pregnancy literally until a few days before I went into hospital. I had a C-section and the next day hopped out of bed and the nurses were amazed at how quickly I'd recovered. They said "you must have been keeping very fit during your pregnancy to bounce back so quickly, we've never seen anyone recover so fast!" So I told them I had been using a personal trainer 3 x a week :)

I'd gained 11kg (24lbs) during my pregnancy which was thankfully at the lower end of the expected healthy amount of weight to gain during a pregnancy. I can most certainly thank Ryan for this! I started up my online training with Ryan again 8 weeks after the birth (photo on the left) and lost all of that pregnancy weight over the next 6 months ready for my wedding (photo on the right). The pressure was most certainly on to lose my baby weight! 

Now I'm pregnant with my second child and due to give birth in August 2017. I had been doing the online personal training with Ryan this 2nd time round but not as often as I'd have liked for various reasons.

Ryan had to taylor every single session based on how I felt on that day, which did vary a lot and I can't thank him enough for his help, expert advice, patience and compassion over the last few years. I can't wait to start back our online personal training to get back in shape as soon as I can.

Sylvia Turley - July 2017 *

Jonny Mitchell's 12 Day Body Transformation for Love Island 2017:



jonny mitchell before after"Really great and effective training with Ryan, very friendly and committed to helping people achieve their goals. I was amazed what I achieved in only 12 days when I stuck with Ryan's diet and exercise guidance.
Highly recommend to anyone wanting to reach their fitness goal." 
Jonathan Varey-Mitchell - May 2017 *

Chris Page:
Chris Page
"Years of dedicating my life to my career and not paying any attention to my own health and fitness had taken it's toll on how I looked, felt and thought. The size of my stomach compared to the rest of my body was troubling me, along with the "moobs" and lack of mental focus and clarity, I just wasn't feeling sharp and alert anymore. I knew if I wanted to succeed in turning my life around with the minimal amount of stress and in the shortest possible time I'd need some professional help and guidance. So I hired Ryan Phillips and to put it mildly I was not disappointed...
In 5 months I lost 9 kilos of body fat, dropped over 11 cm of fat off my waist resulting in a flat stomach and after just 16 workouts with Ryan my physical strength had increased by over 150%. One example of that was I'd gone from doing a total of 46 Push-Ups in the first session to 115 Push-Ups in session 16 and similar if not more improvements in all of the other exercises too.
One of my goals was to run a 10k in under 1 hour which in the end after several of Ryan's training sessions proved not to be too much of a challenge after all, I smashed it up in 53 minutes, so I entered the Ultra Balaton team event where I completed 2 stages totaling 30km. I also recently completed a 7km race in 35 minutes.
My mental alertness is back and I'm feeling as sharp as ever at work with a new found appreciation for my health and fitness. Regular exercise has a firm place in my diary now as does healthier eating. Thank you Ryan for all the motivation, encouragement and knowledge you've shared with me to help me make my health a priority."

Chris Page - Jan 2016 *

"A friend initially told me about Phillips Fit which induced me to look up the web site.

For various reasons, I had already been having doubts regarding the place I’d been attending for the past 8 years so I contacted Ryan for a (free) consultation. Within this hour he could explain to me why I was in the bad shape I was and while I thought I had been leading a healthy life style, what I was doing was not only detrimental to my health but actually causing weight gain rather than loss. I started my new regime that same week and have not looked back since. After just 4 weeks my before and after measurements showed a significant improvement so it was an easy decision to continue further. I have also gained loads of free time in that I only need go to the gym twice weekly for 1 hour in comparison to 4 times for two hours previously. My diet has changed but I am not on a diet. It is easy to keep to and I am never hungry. In principle, it only took a change of mind set to effortlessly achieve what I had failed to do in the previous 8 years. Ryan is keeping me motivated and positive and has been very supportive throughout."

Mrs M - July 2014 *

Paul Fodor:
Paul Fodor

"Back in 2012, I weighed in at a staggering 116,1KG and a BMI Score of 33. My idea of an active weekend was walking from my couch to my bed. I just had no energy, was always out of breath and felt plain bad about myself...

Today I am 78....1kg and have a BMI Score of 22.1. I have a 6 pack, come to love road cycling and now ride anywhere from 100km to 250km per week and always looking for the next hill to climb to be able to get my heart rate up.

I have one person to thank for this and that is Ryan. I have worked with many personal trainers but Ryan has been the first that I would call a true professional that is passionate about what he does and about getting his clients results. Even when I would show up late and we would have 15min of the hour he would figure out how to push me. He was constantly measuring the results which only kept me more motivated to stay focused. I would add that his desire to get results did mean that I got fired at least once for not following his instructions and it only meant that I would get back on track. Ryan not only helped me lose the weight he even taught me how to keep it off by basically teaching me how to change my lifestyle...

I plan on using Ryan for years to come to ensure that I stay fit (though to his chagrin not in the weight room but riding my bike) and keep my fat levels to below my target 15% level.

Heck my wife has become a Ryan fan and as a result she has also been training with him.

Simply put if you want to lose weight, build muscle and maintain general fitness than Ryan should be your first stop!"

Paul Fodor - Nov 2013 *

"I began training with Ryan in July 2009.  In the previous 12 months I’d been suffering from significant lower back pain, having had a sporadic problem for about 8 years. 

When I met Ryan, I had virtually no strength in my legs, which was significantly impacting my ability to do even normal daily tasks, never mind do something like run for a train!  I was also horribly overweight and generally just fed up and unhappy.

I’d been seeing an osteopath called Michael Palfrey for a few months, and although this significantly helped my back pain, we couldn’t overcome the lack of strength in my legs and the tightness in my calves in particular.  Michael recommended I see his personal trainer, Ryan.  Not being a fitness kind of girl, I’ll admit I was skeptical but will willing to give anything a try and I can honestly say I have never looked back.

During our first consultation Ryan listened to everything I had to say and performed a wide range of tests.  For the first few months during our training sessions, Ryan worked with me on specific training to improve my leg strength, posture movement and most importantly eliminate pain in my day to day life.  He also set me “homework” for exercises I could do to build on my strength.  I saw an improvement within a few sessions. 

Within two months I was ready to be set my first exercise programme.  Ryan sets me a new programme every four weeks which is tailored to my weaknesses, strengths and ability.  As well as the fitness training, I also see Ryan for Muscle Activation Techniques treatment.  This is a specialized technique that Ryan has trained and become certified in, and helps him help his client improve their body strength.

So now, I’m happy to say I suffer from very little back pain these days which has improved my quality of life so much.  I’ve lost weight but I’ve been most impressed by the changes in my body shape, which I am so much happier with.  And I can run for that train whenever I need to.  It’s not just me who notices the changes in me – it’s my partner and all family and friends too.

Finally, if I had to sum up Ryan I would say that he is a very accomplished personal trainer with a strong emphasis on the personal as everything he does is specific to the client.  He is always 100% motivated and enthusiastic and focused.  I don’t think Ryan has bad days or if he does he would never let his client’s see it. And to keep someone like me who has always hated exercise interested, he must be some kind of miracle worker! "

Angela Brander - Oct 2010 *

 Robert Bates – Tadley, Hampshire


"I started training with Ryan in March 09 and have now been training three times a week for one year. Over that time my level of fitness has improved dramatically and I feel so much better in myself. I have now lost 41Kg (over six stone) in weight with a combination of a healthy diet and exercise. Ryan carried out a meticulous initial assessment and tailored my exercise regimen very carefully. I have also been impressed with his regular monthly reviews of progress including assessments of weight, measurements, body fat, fitness, blood pressure etc. Ryan is a great motivator and gets the best out of his clients when working in the gym. I always feel that we are pushing the boundaries - but as Ryan says - "that's when the magic happens!

I had been concerned about my weight and fitness for several years and embarked on training with other personal trainers three times over the last ten years. Each time my progress faltered after a few months and I slipped back again. However, over the last year I have trained three times each week in the gym and only missed two sessions – because the road was closed due to snow! Put it down to working with a personal trainer whose enthusiasm is completely infectious. I now train six days a week – three with Ryan and three independently. I simply wouldn’t have had the confidence or knowledge to train independently before but now it is just the norm for me.

Before I started training with Ryan, I had a BMI of 42 and the chance of me reaching average life expectancy was 1:7. Now my BMI is 28 and I am closing in on my target weight. So now I have new goals - I am training to take part in the Fit Brit Challenge and I am also hoping to take part in a triathlon later this year.

I had tried and failed before but with Ryan’s help my life and health have changed dramatically for the better. Getting fit does need a big personal commitment but you need encouragement and guidance too. So if you want to improve your health and fitness, whatever your present level, I would strongly recommend you give Ryan Phillips a call."
Robert Bates – Tadley, Hampshire - April 2010 *

Suzanne Baily's Journey of Success: 

5th June 2009 "My name is Suzanne & I am 45 years old!

I have been struggling with my weight for a few years now,  I was running and walking on my treadmill at home, 3 to 5 times a week, for the last two or three years.  Although my legs were quite strong, and becoming reasonably toned, I wasn’t happy with my upper body, in particular.

My husband suggested that I get myself a personal trainer, I hadn’t actually been to a gym for 17 years, (since I got married) I googled personal trainers in Reading  & Phillips Fit came up.  I spent quite some time reading all the information on his website, how to find the right personal trainer, among many other things, and all the client testimonials.  I was so impressed that I rang Ryan, with a view to having one of his trainers come to my home.  But after the client testimonials, I decided I wanted him to be my trainer.

We met only 3 weeks ago, I was quite nervous about being weight & measured, but he made me feel very at ease.  I have done 3 sessions a week, for the last 3 weeks, and I have already started to feel much better, I have much more energy than before.  I have also noticed that my clothes are a little looser, and I just feel happier about the way I look. 

He has taught me many things already, including how important water is to our diet.  I always thought I drank quite a lot, 1.5 to 2 litres a day, but for my weight & body composition, I needed to be drinking just over 3 litres a day.  I have managed to get to 3 litres a day over the last 3 weeks, and have noticed my skin has improved, and generally everything is improving. 

He makes me work hard, but the work outs are fun, and he’s very encouraging and positive.

Next week is week four for me, and sadly I am going on holiday for 3 weeks at the end of that, I mean sadly, in that I am so committed to hitting my goal, that although I am really looking forward to a well deserved break, I wish I had started training with him months ago, still better late than never.  But I will be working out on holiday, so that we can pretty much carry on where I left off when I get back..."

12th June 2009 "Well it's week 4, or 3.5 really, and I am over the moon!  I have just had my final session with Ryan today, before I go on holiday for 3 weeks!  and although I did feel slimmer (my clothes were feeling looser) today it was official, I have lost just under 4 lbs! (i have been struggling for 3 years to do so!)  I have also lost almost 7.5 inches from my body, and my fitness has improved by 16%.  I already thought I had a fairly sensible diet, but Ryan has got me to eat even more healthily, I never feel hungry, and I am not only feeling good about myself, for the first time in years!  but also have much more energy & stamina than I thought was possible.  This morning I tried on two dresses, that I had not been able to do up for the last 3 years, and today, I could get into them both!

Now I just have to make sure that I keep up the good work on holiday, so I can enjoy myself, and not come home having un done all the good work. 
Ryan has been great fun, very informative, and really helped to motivate me.  I am really looking forward to the rest of my journey..."

6th July 2009 "Well I had a great holiday, ate plenty of Italian food, but wasn't greedy! I drank wine every day. I also did Ryan's water bottle work out three times a week, and my husband joined in. Out of 10 day's (weather wasn't so good after that) I swam 9 miles, 1 a day except the day we arrived. I got on the scales on my first session back and I had only put on 300gs! I was very pleased with myself."

10th August 2009 "I had my stats & weigh in, and I have lost almost 9lbs of fat in total, and 111/2 inches from my body. I think I am half way to my goal now, and it's only taken just over two months of training with Ryan. Here's to the next few months!"

4th September 2009 "OK it's been 13 weeks of training, and I had my stats done today, I have lost 12.5lbs in fat! and a total of 16 inches from my body! My overall fitness is up by 17.2% I am really delighted, Ryan certainly know what he is doing, and I am more than happy to put in the hard work. My husband has been working out at home following my regime, but he's made an appointment to start training with him this month. I went to a BBQ last weekend, some people hadn't seen me for 3 months, and other a year, I got so many compliments it was fantastic. I am really enjoying this journey, and I can't wait to get to the correct weight for me, then I'm going to treat myself to a new wardrobe!!!"

12th October 2009  "Well I am now on week 18, I have lost 17 3/4 inches, and 17lbs of fat! I feel I have really turned a corner, as I was always feeling tired, I did party for quite a few years, and it certainly had an effect on my health, but I did start to think I was always going to be tired. But finally, after a good routine, going to bed at the same time most nights, and the fact that I am sleeping much better, I am now finding myself waking up before the alarm! Some mornings, by 45 mins, and I have always been really bad at getting up in the morning. I have lots more energy, my immune system seems to be pretty strong, as I have only missed one session with Ryan since I started and my overall strength & recovery has improved too. Today I was doing squat push press with 9kilos! and I managed it without too much difficulty! next week I go up to 10kilos! Also my running has improved too. I am loving the challenge, and seeing the results!"

Suzanne Baily - Cavesham, Reading *

"I was struggling to make progress for quite some time until I decided to call upon some personal training help with Ryan. I wanted to lose some weight (although I wasn’t classed as overweight) I wanted to fit back into my cloths and just feel more attractive, I also wanted to improve my leg strength for my horse riding so I didn’t fall off as much! Well, after just 16 weeks of personal training with Ryan once per week, I had lost well over a stone in weight, reducing my body fat by 7% resulting in almost 11 inches lost in total from all around my body. I also increased my leg strength by 74% which helped improve my horse riding nicely. I’m not saying that the last 16 weeks were by any means easy but Ryan’s patience and encouragement really helped me to stick with it and got me through the tough times. When you’ve had to work so hard for something that you really want it makes the results even more rewarding and I am so pleased and proud of what I have accomplished in such a short space of time and I now have the tools, information and “fat loss secrets” from Ryan to maintain my results for the long term. Thanks Ryan for your help!"

Nikki Cox - July 2009 *

 Anonymous - Reading

12 week progress:

"Well, I started my health kick on the morning of Christmas Eve 2008, weighing in at 219.6 lbs (99.6kg). I decided it was the right time because I was having pains in my chest, I’d be out of breathe at a simple task ( going up stairs) and my knees were starting to hurt. I realised something had to be done. So I spent the whole of December 08 psyching myself up to embark on a lifestyle change. I made a pact with my sister - in – law to beat the flab by summer this year and I was mentally ready.

One of the best pieces of advice I had was to seek professional guidance from a trainer and I was fortunate to have Ryan recommended to me by one of the gym staff. On the first session I had my initial Stats taken, which I dreaded for a week prior. I knew there would be some hard messages outlining how seriously at risk my health was.

January 6th 2009:
Weight 96.3 kg (so had lost some since xmas eve!)
Body Fat % 43.7%
Upper Arm (cm) 39.5
Waist (cm) 113.6
Hips (cm) 120
Upper Thigh (cm) 74
Resting Heart rate 68

In a nutshell, I was unfit, obese category 2 and very unhealthy… but had taken a step towards improving my future.

Ryan devised a plan that was a challenge, but not too intimidating! He was really positive and encouraged me to go a little further than I thought I could. Within 2 weeks I felt different, I had much more energy to push a little harder each week. Ryan also suggested I keep a food diary, which definitely helped me take control of what I was eating. Before I would rack up the calories and couldn’t remember everything I’d eaten. By just going through this process, it has made me conscious of my diet and I haven’t found it too hard really. Every now and then I really fancy a take away or a glass of wine, and Ryan has advised me on how to ‘treat’ myself wisely.

It hasn’t been easy all the time. Around week 8 I hit a bit of a low point. I was moving house, work was going through a tough patch and all in all lacked motivation to drag myself to the gym. Ryan was great. He, gently, kicked my butt into gear, reminding me how far I’d come and refocused me onto my goals. After that session I felt great, energised and back on track. Ryan also shared some motivational stories of others who have pushed to achieve their goals. Even now, when I’m on the treadmill striding up a huge hill, I think about those and keep pushing.

So week 12 Stats …
March 31st 2009
Weight 86.5kg
Body Fat % 35.9%
Upper Arm (cm) 37
Waist (cm) 102
Hips (cm) 112.2
Upper Thigh (cm) 69
Resting Heart rate 57

Total success after 12 Weeks:
9.8kg (1.5 stone)
26.9 cm (10.6 inches)
11 beats per minute (Resting Heart Rate)
2 dress sizes

Self esteem

As I said before, this is a lifestyle change and I still have a long way to go before I reach my ultimate goals, nevertheless having achieved so much in just 12 weeks I am excited about what the future will hold." Anonymous - April 2009 *

 Neil Clark

"I’ve been working with Ryan since being given some personal training sessions as a (close to 40th) birthday present from my wife!  At the onset I was weighing in at 118 kg following several years of no real exercise, and poor eating and drinking habits.

Ryan and I set out a contract for my aims and objectives, and targets to be achieved – Ryan was realistic about the time it would take to achieve these while still making sure they were challenging.  The main target was to get to 85 kg within 9 months – that meant losing an average of 1 kg a week / more than half a stone a month, for 9 months.

We went for this through weekly one on one coaching, and training plans that Ryan developed, targeted sessions fitted in around my work and home schedule that often involves travelling around the country on a weekly basis, and sound advice around eating habits and nutritional supplements to help maintain energy levels. 

Ryan maintained and drove my motivation through regularly amending the routine and plans, adapting the routine where required, as I hit the inevitable plateaus, when I needed to work away from Reading, and when on holidays, and sensible pushing of the limits during training sessions.

We achieved the 85 kg target a few weeks early.

I then moved away from Reading with my job but have continued to work with Ryan on a consultancy basis for the past nine months by plugging into his online coaching program which includes one phone call per week where we go though my diet diary and discuss any issues along with monthly updates to my training program and unlimited email support when needed.  This has helped me meet other goals we set – i.e. 10 miles on the exercise bike within 22 minutes, and further tuning up of my weight and body fat content.

It is now 18 months since Ryan and I first worked together and having lost 6.5 stone overall I am now weighing in at 78kg (two thirds of my initial weight), completing 10 miles in just under 22 minutes on the exercise bike, and continuing to focus on my eating habits. 

Through this time while working hard in the gym with Ryan, and being careful on what I eat, I have still been able to enjoy my favourite bottle or two of wine at the weekends, and my Friday night curry; the personal achievements that help keep me motivated are summarised through two key measures:
• I can now stand of the scales, holding my two young daughters in my arms and still weigh less than I did at the outset
• My heart rate has reduced from well over 80 beats per minute to about 57 beats per minute at rest – that means that if the total number of heart beats determined life expectancy, I have extended my life expectancy by about 15 years, enough time to get to see my grand kids.

Neil Clark - Jan 2009 *

"Ryan is patient, motivational and challenging - the ideal mix in a personal trainer."

Emma Harris - Oct 2008 *

"Dear Ryan and Mike,

I wanted to write to you both to say a huge ‘thank you’ for making such a difference to me over the last four months.

I first saw Mike in May 2008 to seek his help in managing a long term disc problem in my lower back which has caused me pain and discomfort on a daily basis.  After some initial treatment, Mike very quickly recommended that my best course of action would be to combine his osteopathy sessions with personal training from Ryan Phillips at Phillips Fit.  His view was that improving my core stability would allow me to reduce back pain and manage my back condition more successfully over the longer term. He thought it very likely that, with some effort, I could remove the daily pain I was experiencing.  I regarded this as pretty unlikely however, whilst I used to run on a regular basis, I had not spent much time at all on core stability work, so I was prepared to give it a go.

I had my first session with Ryan at the beginning of June, who, already fully briefed on my back condition by Mike, was able to put together a focussed programme that would concentrate exactly on my area of need. At this point, my back was unstable, ached all the time and I had very little core stability. It seemed like quite a hill (or should I say fitball!) to climb however, it was impossible to feel anything other than motivated when supported and encouraged so well by Ryan.  I continued to see Ryan on a weekly basis and complete a manageable programme at home.  Each week, we would review my progress and Ryan would adjust my programme accordingly.

Four months later and I have to say that the difference is remarkable!  Thanks to Ryan and Mike, my core stability has now hit 100% and my back pain has practically disappeared, something that I did not imagine was possible. I no longer have to deal with back ache on a daily basis and I feel better than I have done in years.  The team at Phillips Fit have achieved something that I could not have done on my own and I could not recommend you more highly.

Many thanks

Angela Dunk

Angela Dunk - Oct 2008 *

"My experience with Phillips-Fit has turned my life around in a very positive way.  My chronic back pain has been a huge hurdle, which had hampered my weight loss attempts in the past. Thanks to the team at Phillips-Fit, over the last 9 months I have lost over 2 stone, which I had been battling for years to lose! Ryan’s tailored training session and his ability to think on his feet has helped to strengthen my back so that I can workout with enough intensity to get great results. Also regular sports massage sessions with Phil has greatly helped to ease the pain and discomfort and has allowed me to continue to exercise where otherwise I might have given up! Ryan’s advice on nutrition and supplements has definitely contributed to my success not only with my weight loss but my overall general health. I’m fitter, stronger, leaner and feeling great about myself! I recently got married and some of my relatives that I hadn’t seen for years could hardly recognise me, they were totally blown away! Thanks guys! :)"

Vipul Patel - July 2008 *

"I had been training for many months and could not get my body fat percent down without losing muscle. After a consultation with Ryan I began a comprehensive programme that would see me achieve results that even I could not believe. After each consultation Ryan charted my progress and set new and exciting goals for me to achieve through each month. Month on month my strength (and muscle) grew beyond my expectations and a strict cardio programme saw my body fat drop month on month. My fitness, a priority with Ryan, progressed exponentially.

Not only was Ryan a help with my training programme, but also any questions regarding nutrition and training injuries were easily answered. Ryan gave solid advice on my eating plan and calorie intake, of which is 70% of any weight training programme.

I was surprised at the range of products that Ryan could offer at discounted prices too, from new energy drinks to state-of-the-art nutritional supplements. My whole experience of training with Ryan is one of gratitude, motivation, confidence in my programme (and my ability) and overall enjoyment in being healthy, fit and strong."

Chris J Moss - April 2008 *


"I've always played a lot of sport, but sitting at a desk for 3 years had definatly taking it's toll on my weight and fitness levels.  In January 2007 I decided to admit that this time I could do with some one to one help.  Although I still enjoy team sports, group activities and weight loss clubs had never helped me with my weight or fitness levels.  So through recommendations I contacted Ryan and set up a consultation.
Ryan really listened to what I wanted and needed and put me at ease, as well as filling me with confidence and determination that I could be fitter than ever and lose the weight I'd been piling on.  We set out realistic, though still challenging, goals and training times (we all have busy lives now days).  This was a really important stage for me as  was in the habit of setting myself unrealistic goals and then quickly becoming despondent and failing, I'm sure this sounds familiar to most of us!
Following a full fitness and health assessment, Ryan set out an interesting and varied training plan and program, spanning 4 weeks.  I stared to see results very quickly, as my statistics results showed improvement after just 4 weeks.  The Statistics session every 4 weeks (as well as a weekly weigh in) definatly kept me on my toes and kept my enthusiasm high as I saw the results each month.  Filling in Ryan's Food diary, when my weight loss hit a plateau, helped me kick start the weight loss again too (amazing how much sub-conscious chocolate you can eat!)
By the end of 2007 I had dropped almost two dress sizes, lost over a stone in weight and total 12 cm's, increased my fitness level by 16 heart beats per minute, reduced my body fat by 4% and most importantly felt healthy, happy and more confident (oh and nothing wobbled anymore!)
Overall it was the best investment I ever made (far better than spending money on a new outfit in a bigger size each month!)
Thanks Ryan!!"

Joanne Winder - Dec 2007 *

 Trish Hare - Reading

 Trish Hare1

"Personal fitness and well being has always been key to me and  I have ‘worked out’in a gym for the past 18 years.  Although I had a good physique for my age I felt I had only half achieved my aim to get fit, always working out on my own I wondered whether I would benefit from a personal trainer.  What spurred me on was my pending wedding last September, I knew what I wanted but was failing somewhere along the line.  I often watched Personal Trainers with their clients and one day saw someone I felt I could work with, Ryan.

I started my training in April 2007. It was a shock to my system at first because although I was capable of lifting heavy weights, I was now targeting key areas using exercises alien to my body and with the benefit of a ‘watchful’ eye correcting techniques and posture.

With a reasonable diet, not always what it could have been I know, and my new fitness routine, I exceeded my goals and gained a great physique in time for my wedding.

With new goals and the drive to keep fit and well, I am continuing with Personal Trainer post wedding.  I have to thank Ryan for his patience and humour cos without it I would not have achieved the results I got." Trish Hare - Sept 2007 *

"I have been working with Ryan for nearly 4 months; initially he spent time assessing my fitness and general health in order to devise an achievable and progressive fitness plan that suited me needs and aims.

During these 4 months I have learnt that Ryan has an extensive knowledge of not only physical training but also anatomy, physiology and nutrition and this knowledge has helped me to achieve the improvements that I have noticed not only in my stamina, but also speed, strength and general health. This knowledge ensures a holistic approach to training that is safe, progressive and ultimately successful.

The fact that I am still attending training sessions twice a week is quite surprising to me and is testament to Ryan’s enthusiasm and motivational qualities. I can see the benefits of regular properly devised training and good nutrition in everyday life, much more energy generally, but also the improvement in my fitness and agility when playing tennis has improved my game immeasurably.

If you are looking to improve your general health and fitness or if you have a specific aim you wish to achieve then in my opinion, investing in Ryan's skills and knowledge is well worth it!" Penny Meadley – July 2007 *

"Ryan's "functional training" workouts have had dramatic results. By combining exercises the efficiency and intensity of a session is magnified considerably. There is greater fat-burning, the heart rate is kept elevated throughout and the core muscles are given a blistering workout. There have also been improvements in power, balance and co-ordination. The overall increase in strength has also benefited our running leading to greater fitness and endurance - we even seem to have developed a sprint finish! This is not a workout to take lightly but is seriously addictive." H & V.B. *

"I have always taken a keen interest in keeping fit and healthy, enjoying activities such as running, attending various classes at the gym and rowing. However, despite the amount of time I was dedicating to exercise I wasn’t achieving the results I wanted.


I started thinking about getting a personal trainer who would have the knowledge to tell me where I was going wrong! A friend had recommended Ryan so I visited his website and saw a competition offering 8 free sessions…..a few weeks later I received a call telling me I was the lucky winner!


My first session involved an overall analysis of my health and fitness. The session was very detailed to enable Ryan to tailor a programme that would target my ‘problem areas’ and satisfy specific needs. Because I was already doing a large amount of cardio exercise my sessions with Ryan would focus on free weights, toning exercises and stretching to complement the workouts I was already doing and to also target specific areas I was unhappy with.


I met up with Ryan twice a week, and each session lasted an hour. Having Ryan there was great, he was an excellent motivator and ensured I achieved maximum results following each session. Every week the sessions became harder and more advanced, it was tough, but the results were well worth it. I felt stronger, fitter and much more toned! The programme had also improved all other aspects of my workouts (running, spinning etc).


At the end of the 4 week programme I was so happy with the results I asked Ryan to design another programme for me, and we now meet up on a regular basis at the gym to monitor my progress and to ensure the exercises are working for me."

Sian Davies - Jun 2007 *

"I started working with Ryan in July 06 with the intention of losing a few pounds and increasing my fitness level.  Seven months have passed and, with Ryan’s help, I have surpassed my expectations.  I have gone down to a trouser size I thought would remain a distant memory and feel healthier and fitter than I have for a long time.  Ryan has developed a programme tailored to my needs and harnessed my competitive spirit again.  This guy really knows his stuff on all fronts, fitness, nutrition and physiology which combines to give a really effective and enjoyable programme.   He’s not your stereotypical personal trainer.  He’s down to earth with a passion for what he does that can’t help but inspire you." Rob Lodge - Jan 2007 *

Rob's Stats

"Ryan has been training my wife and me since December 2005. The bottom-line is that he's an outstanding trainer and we thoroughly recommend him. He's an excellent motivator, having kept us training through a house-move, exams and changes of jobs. He talks sense with his anatomical and physiological knowledge and is clearly abreast of recent advances in techniques. He's good fun to train with and also good company. We've found his recent "Phillips-Fit Boot Camp" workouts especially enjoyable." Vipan & Helen Bhardwaj - July 2006 *

"I have been working with Ryan since Jan 06 with the aim of improving my overall fitness and losing weight. The tailored approach to training that Ryan uses has significantly increased my fitness levels, helping me to achieve far more than I would have thought possible in this amount of time. As a result I have not only lost weight but can see my shape changing too. Ryan has really helped me to stay motivated and keep on track when the going gets tough and the will starts to wobble. I really appreciate his practical approach - no gimmicks here; a sensible diet and tailored training programme for lasting results. He has managed one miracle though - as a once committed gym phobic I'm now a gym regular and enjoy it! All this and he's a nice guy too - what more could you ask for?!" Helen Aylen - May 2006 - helen.lodge @ yahoo.co.uk *


"I have been using Ryan as a personal trainer for just over 6 months and it has made an enormous difference! He is an excellent motivator without being a bully! He has an in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology and, as a result, is able to provide well focussed and realistic training schedules which yield rapid and sustainable results. In my time training with Ryan I have lost a considerable amount of weight, become significantly stronger and my general fitness has improved enormously. I would whole-heartedly recommend Ryan as a friendly but professional personal trainer!" Michael Palfrey - May 2006 *

"I found Ryan's help in preparing for the half-marathon to be indispensable. As with a lot of people i don't find going to the gym a particularly enjoyable experience and it takes a lot of motivation. I've found that the best method for me to achieve the level of fitness that i desire is to constantly set 'goals' for myself. Ryan's advise and guidance was key in this as i had no previous experience of gym or CV training. The goals that were set were challenging but achievable with regular sessions designed to assess my progress. That's where the idea for competing in the Reading half-marathon came from. After completing the event i can recommend entering to anyone. With the help of Ryan i'm sure you to could achieve your goals"


Ben Green Reading half marathon
Ben Green - April 2006 - mr_munch_kin @ hotmail.com *

"Ryan has been great for me in helping me to understand more about how the body works through diet and exercise and how important it is not to crash diet and to tailor your diet and exercise to the individual. I was quite impatient to start with at the steady weight loss approach but its paid off. I am 2 stone lighter, many inches smaller and have changed my lifestyle to keep it off. In addition I am motivated to build strength and fitness now and burn fat as opposed to the watching the scales weight. Great motivator and educator, friendly and approachable and easy to get on with." Alison Kerins - April 2006 - alisonkerins @ yahoo.co.uk *

"I have been working with Ryan for nearly 18 months, trying to improve my fitness while coping with a recently diagnosed chronic illness. His program is helping me to improve strength, balance and cardiovascular health.

Many people have remarked how much better I look, so we must be achieving good results!
Thanks Ryan." Lyn Rasmussen - April 2006 - lynrasmussen @ lineone.net *


Bill Marshal's story - Fitness First Member of the Month

When Bill started personal training with me in November 2004, he initially suffered from aches, pains and stiffness in his hips and knees and just walking up or down stairs was a real effort! Kneeling down on the floor, sitting on his heels was impossible due to the stiffness and pain in his joints. His body fat percentage was above normal and he wanted to reduce his weight. Starting with some gentle mobility exercises and progressing to more moderate activities using free weights, core training and aerobic exercise his fitness began to improve and the aches and pains started to subside.

Bill Bike1

By April 2005 Bill and I started training for the Concorde Sprint Triathlon held at Bradfield. Five months later and after lots of hard training, Bill successfully completed the race being the eldest competitor at 70 years of age! For his achievements to date Bill has been awarded Fitness First member of the month for August 2005. Bill feels as fit now as he did 40 years ago and continues to train hard hoping to beat his personal best time at next years Triathlon. Subsequently his body fat has reduced to a healthy level and he has lost 15 pounds of fat! He no longer suffers from pains in his hips and knees and can actually kneel down sitting on his heels!

Bill bike2 hi res

“It was terrific to hear that I would be Fitness First member of the month for August 2005, no one more surprised than myself. I had just completed the Concorde Triathlon sprint event after much labour on the day itself, as well as in the gym with several months’ hard work. I felt pleased with my efforts. But then I reflected on one salutary thought – left on my own I would almost certainly have been full of excuses for under achieving, if not giving up, and in the need of some serious input of effort into my exercise program, assuming I could stick to one! On the day of the race when I was out on my own struggling with the big hill I was certain I could hear Ryan’s voice urging me on (as he did in training) “Go on Bill, you can do it!”. Normally I would have given up without his constant encouragement and I wish to acknowledge here the major part Ryan Phillips has played in my satisfying though modest achievements. Age does not seem to matter when I can begin my Triathlon life at seventy years, with a “little” help from my friend!” Bill Marshal – Sept 2005 - wil.marshal @ virgin.net *

Bill run1

Ryan says “Bill has shown great determination and enthusiasm during our journey so far and his will to succeed is admirable. I am greatly looking forward to training with Bill in the future and hope that there are many more occasions to see Bill achieve things he thought never possible!” Ryan Phillips – 14/09/2005


The ULTIMATE 12 week Workout Program testimonials:

“Dear Ryan, I thought I’d send you a quick email just to thank you for your free exercise program! I’ve been following it for nearly a month now in which time I’ve noticed an improvement in my general fitness and wellbeing as I can get about my daily chores with less fatigue. I have only lost about 4-5 pounds but feel that this steady weight loss will continue if I continue with the workouts so fingers crossed! I’ll keep you posted… Thanks again and kind regards,"

Lynn Kerins - Feb 2006 *

“Hello. I appreciate very much your free 12 week fitness program. I started about 4 weeks ago and it stopped the pain I used to get in my back. I feel much fitter to and will keep to doing it until I lose the weight I want. Thank you." Ranhita - March 2006 *

“Hi Ryan,

My goal is to gain muscle and I have been following your 12 week workout plan for four weeks now. I have noticed that in this time I have much more muscle tone and definition but how do I get bigger muscles!? Please can you help? I’d appreciate your advice.

Thanks in advance," Josh Williams - Feb 2006 *

"Dear Ryan,It is great to see so many others using your brill workout, it is working well for me I have started trimming up great, not losing pounds but just losing size Im down from 38 – 36 waist and I have only been working for two and a half weeks.  They do say muscle is heavier than fat – a great workout that works.

Cheers" David Tanner - March 2006 *


The workout programme is excellent i am definatley feeling the benefits and there are some noticable differences on my stomach in particular. I have lost almost a a stone and a half in 5 weeks but it is also down to the diet inwhich no fizzy drinks are allowed and that has made me feel less blowted. I will be sure to continue with this programme as it is beginning to change my life as i feel more energetic and now walk most place. Thankyou" Rebecca Gilliver - March 2006 *


Ann Coward's 90 day transformation

Anne C1
 I am still delighted when I meet up with people whom I haven't see for a while. They usually comment straight away on how well or how trim or how fit I look. I have to remind myself that I have achieved the changes in only 90 days and always sing the praises of the bootcamp challenge.

For years, I have been saying if only I could lose a stone in weight - and now I've done it and I am slowly continuing to lose more. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and love my younger shape with flatter tummy, smaller breasts and slimmer hips. When close friends ask me "Have you finished the bootcamp yet?" I tell them it never finishes - because it has brought about a life-style change that I will always maintain.

I regard myself as a strong woman now. My fitness has improved by over 50%. I can do things in my 60s that I have never been able to do before in my life (full press-ups for instance!) by working  through the carefully graded sets of exercises. I have enjoyed the buzz I get from working out to the videos and finding them getting easier each time I do them. Three half hour exercise sessions each week is nothing compared to the amazing difference it makes to strength, fitness and body shape.

The other big change is what I eat and drink. The first few days left me feeling grotty as my body responded to the change. I had become so addicted to the sugar and other rubbish that had become part of my everyday diet. Within a week, I felt so much better. My energy levels soared. My biggest weight loss was at the end of the first week which really spurred me on. I eat more than I did before starting the bootcamp challenge but I eat differently. I have really appreciated the effort the Ryan and George have taken to educate me about foodstuffs and their effect on the body rather than just telling me what to eat. However, their menu tips in the first few weeks were really helpful until I got the hang of it. I still enjoy a glass of wine - but keep it to the weekends!

Apart from feeling energetic and positive, the other very motivating aspect of the challenge has been the regular reporting of weight and measurements of body and fitness and seeing the steady improvements week by week. It was like having a big gold star slapped on my chest!
Thank you George and Ryan for the opportunity to change my life!

Ryan says, “Ann has done amazingly well over the course of the program, especially as she wasn’t even overweight to start with! Now she’s leaner and more toned and is feeling full of confidence knowing that she can maintain these results forever.” *

Mark Bates'  90 day transformation

Many thanks to Ryan and George for an excellent Bootcamp package. the end result for me showing, both statistically and visually, a much fitter me with a weight reduction from 106 Kg to 95 Kg. Being part of this 90 day programme has shown me what can be achieved using Bootcamp advice on diet and a clearly defined daily exercise routine.
I found the type of exercises specified on the Bootcamp Programme to be  both challenging and fulfilling, given that the dedication time is 30 minutes per day, and with the excellent easy to use Progress Log I was able to note all the weekly statistics, its all there in Black and White. The diet recommended was a change to my normal habits, and while it took time to get used to I found that with a little planning, it all fell into place, and it is now every day practice.
The support received by using the Bootcamp site was good, it gave insight and answerers to the many questions posed by fellow colleagues and the challenges others were facing.
I now intend to carry on my fitness programme with the maintenance course from Bootcamp, and will continue to use the established dietary plan.

Again, many thanks to Ryan and George for their support.

Ryan says, “Rob has now learned the secrets to healthy eating and regular exercise which have now become an integral part of his lifestyle. His results reflect his efforts and commitment over the last 90 days and he is now set up to continue to lose weight until he reaches his target weight. Once reached, maintaining his weight won’t pose a problem as the manageable lifestyle changes he has now developed will be easy to follow forever!” *

Maureen Whitehall's 90 day transformation


My story…apologies that its lengthy...
They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear. When I was offered the opportunity to join the Bootcamp and set my goals – it was a very emotional time and my goals were linked to those feelings.

The background….at the very end of November 2008 my son aged 30, action man who likes everything sporty, had played semi pro football in his day and was recovering from ligament injury,  went off to play evening football a bit of a knock about with work - he had a heart attack, chest clutching fall to the floor type. He had a 1 in 3 chance of making it – and they tell us that his fitness and age helped him. His partner was 6 months pregnant and became quite poorly – they believed as part of the reaction to the heart attack – however things deteriorated and baby was born as an emergency via the sunroof 2 months early. Following this my son had another heart attack due to the stress of it all. Mum was being monitored in one ward, baby in intensive care and Dad (my son) in the cardio unit 35 miles away.

They all made it.
I had arrived at a similar age that my Mum was when she went to heaven and this played on my mind.

My only daughter has diabetes and medication was being increased. I felt my world was collapsing – because my family are my world and I felt so out of control.
So in 2009 I set about giving something back, stop feeling sorry for myself and get going, I enjoy physical activities so completed London to Brighton bike ride, Coast to Coast bike ride, Great South Run amongst others and all monies raised I gave to British Heart Foundation and the baby intensive care unit that looked after my granddaughter, people were incredibly generous.

However my body was getting bigger and bigger and I felt I was pushing treacle up hill, everything was hard work irrespective of the amount of exercise I did and I ate more and more porridge and jelly babies to help me on my way. I felt sad inside and out.
Then I set my goals for Bootcamp – they started off as - I want to outlive my Mum, I don’t want to be on insulin, I want to live a long life……infact they were incredibly morbid.
As Bootcamp progressed I re-evaluated my goals – and my final thoughts were ‘ I just want to be as fit and healthy as possible to face whatever life throws at me’.

Bootcamp wasn’t just about exercises and eating, it was about reflecting and repositioning, it was about making life changing decisions with the support that someone cared what path you took.

I have had amazing results, I have body shape changes in different ways to previous ‘diets’, I stuck the 90days weighing at the same time, same place and not peeping once, I stayed in Kg measure not really knowing what I weighed – just concentrating on the numbers going down – and go down they did. I lost nearly 10kg, in 90 days, I was never hungry or distressed, I ate well, looked well and had great skin tone.

My clothes have completely fallen off me, I have this middle bit in my body which I didn’t know existed – I think if it was more polished it would be heading towards a 6 pack!

I cant actually believe this is my body – its only when I go to get dressed that I realise whats occurred – even though everyone has told me, I suddenly look taller and thinner – I have always seen myself as a short round dumpy rosy cheeked Mumsy type- now the mirror says different.

I am determined to maintain discipline and continue with some of the core exercises – yes at times I hated them, but I did what I did and now I am where I am! When I needed motivating the email arrived, when I need a kick up the bum I got it, when I asked what about my carbs – I got politely told to try using the 50, 000 calories that were sitting on my tummy.

I know I was told the theory of why it would work – I still believe George and Ryan had a bit of magic. Day in day out they were there for me. After 3 weeks I wrote this:
The challenge is not a walk in the park - equally it isn't impossible - but what does sound impossible is that I have dropped a clothes size in 3 weeks!

I know this is every woman's dream, I have genuinely achieved it through this program.

The Bootcamp really works via the eworld, the videos where George and Ryan talk to - and with you - as you exercise, the daily emails which seem to be a response to what you have been thinking are really motivational.

I have felt brighter, lighter, healthier and much happier in the last 3 weeks than I have in a long time - the weight loss is really awesome!

Everyone should try this challenge, irrespective of age or sporting ability - the only barriers are in your mind and daily emails will get you through that. I guess it goes without saying that you have nothing to loose - only weight!"

And now after 90 days – I am walking proof that you loose weight, I feel even brighter than ever and have a really great feel good factor. Stick with it guys – nothing is insurmountable – this programme puts what seems impossible in easy reach of everyone.
Many thanks to the Forum bloggers – I will miss Anne and her updates, she always said what I was thinking!

Ryan says, “A true test of a person is their ability to stick to the promises that they make to themselves and Moe made those promises to herself, took action and persisted with consistent efforts regardless of what life threw at her.  Moe is living proof that if you have a strong enough goal and a deep enough desire to achieve it then with the right guidance you can have whatever you want. Moe you are AWESOME! : )” *

Donald McDonlad's 90 day transformation

I would like to thank George and Ryan for all the support, material, encouragement and advice provided during  the programme. Just under three years ago (I was a mere 54), I decided I needed to get fit and lose some weight so I started running, very slowly. I made very little effort to change my diet because I thought with all my running I would automatically lose weight!!! It was disheartening to find, that even though my running increased, my weight did not change!!! So when I got the chance to do the bootcamp I jumped at it, because obviously something needed to change.

The combination of exercise and diet change on the bootcamp has helped me lose 10% of my original weight (one of my initial goals) and another bonus is that my running has speeded up (at my level!!). I have just knocked over 5 minutes off my best 10km time, which I am very happy about. I will report back on any improvement in my times for the longer runs.

There is another side though, my wife (who is a nurse) has complained about my "bootcamp obsession" (I often quote George and Ryan!!) and the fact that I eat too many eggs and not enough carbohydrates. In fact, having  reduced measurements all over she now calls me "chicken legs"!!!!

There is no doubt, though, I feel a lot healthier, the change in eating habits has been very positive and although some of the exercises have been very hard, I have loved the challenge. It has, however, not always been plain sailing, but during the "weak" moments I have applied the 90% rule and then moved on.
I have found the emails/blogs other bootcamp members have posted, very helpful, thank you to those who have contributed. I would encourage all those new to bootcamp to keep going, it is definitely worth it.

One of the things that bootcamp has done for me has focussed me on a whole new way of eating so I no longer desire most of the rubbish I used to eat. Another great help has been learning, understanding and experiencing the benefits of intensity when exercising.
Thanks again guys, bootcamp has been a very positive (and beneficial) experience and I will definitely continue following the basic principles.
George says, “Donald has established a really solid set of healthy habits now that will be hard to break, so the future is bright for even more weight loss and faster 10k times!” *