Advanced Exercise Program

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The Phillips-Fit Advanced Exercise Program:

Are you bored of your current exercise routine?

Are those regular exercises like bench press, biceps curls and sit ups not exiting you anymore?

Are you looking for new ideas to take you up to the next level?

Do you need something new to challenge your body and mind?

Are you a Personal Trainer looking for new ideas?

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge?

If the answer is "yes" to any of the above then your luck is in...

I have selected some of my most advanced exercises that I use myself and with elite clients to push both body and mind to their ultimate limits! These exercises will challenge your body in a way that no other conventional exercise or movement has ever done before.

" The Advanced Exercise Programme is a completely different workout to what I am normally used to. While all the major muscle groups are used in the routine, the main theme is using the core muscles and improving stability.

There are many exercises in this programme that I thought almost impossible to achieve but working thought the programme gradually, these manoeuvres are not only possible but with practice these exercises have become an integral part of my routine.

I will continue to incorporate these exercises into my usual routine, which will benefit my overall fitness and keep my workouts varied." Roger from Reading

Bent Row
Learn how to perform these amazing exercises with start and finish photos of each exercise along with written instructions, including tips for each exercise. There are 4 individual programs with 10 exercises on each program giving you access to 40 different exercises! The 4 programs are designed to be progressive so that you work on program 1 in the 1st week, program 2 the 2nd week etc… One program can be followed every week for four weeks as each program gets progressively more difficult.

These exercises are suitable only for the well conditioned exerciser. If you are a Personal Trainer then gaining access to these exercises will be a great investment. These exercises are not for the faint hearted or the unconditioned individual and should always be performed under supervision for safety reasons.

Leg Curl1                                                         Squats1                

As a prerequisite to this program, exercisers must be able to complete at least 10 full press-ups, have a good sense of balance and be able to perform the plank for at least 60 secs.


Here is a list of equipment required for this program:

· 2 x Fitballs

· 1 x Bosu or 2 x stability disks

· Dumbbells

· 2 x Medicine balls


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" Ryan’s Advanced Exercise Program lasted for 4 weeks focussing on 10 basic exercises. Each week the set was made a little more challenging, not by increasing the number of reps or heaviness of the weights but by changing body positions involving a lot of balance. For me the program was perfect as I am keen on developing my core stability. Although I do not do all the exercises when I workout, I have carried most over into my fitness routine. As I said, it was challenging and shows that even the smallest change can move an exercise onto a different level. It also showed me that my preconceptions about my skill in balance were quite wide of the mark!" Andy