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Phillips-Fit Body Toning exercises with full instructions:

I have selected a handful of my best body toning exercises that I use with my clients to get great results. I have included pictures of start and finish positions along with full instructions on how to perform the exercises safely and effectively. I have also included an exercise "Form tip" for each one to help you to optimise your workout. I hope that they give you inspiration and help you along the path to achieving the body of your dreams...

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The ULTIMATE 12 week Workout Program:

  • Lose weight
  • Tone up
  • Improve fitness 

Why not kick start your new year with The ULTIMATE 12 week Workout Program! A perfect way to start a healthier lifestyle and acheive the body you've always wanted. The ULTIMATE 12 week Workout Program enables you to tone up your muscles, burn fat and improve your fitness all at the same time during the same workout!

Here's how it works:

During The ULTIMATE 12 week Workout Program you will be introduced to some of my best exercises that I use with my clients to acheive outstanding results. The workout combines conventional resistance training with PHA (Peripheral Heart Action) training. PHA training involves working a set of upper body muscles followed by imediately working a set of lower body muscles then back to upper body and so on. This really gets the heart working hard as your body has to shunt blood to the working muscles of the upper limbs then shunt it down to the lower limbs creating a cardiovascular training effect thus improving your fitness. So not only are you toning your muscles but you are burning fat and getting fitter at the same time - the best of all worlds!

In addition to this workout program and during the course of the 12 weeks I will give you top tips on your cardio workouts, stretching routines and nutritional advice to help shift any extra pounds that might have crept on over the Christmas period!

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Here are some of your responses so far... * disclaimer

“Dear Ryan, I thought I’d send you a quick email just to thank you for your free exercise program! I’ve been following it for nearly a month now in which time I’ve noticed an improvement in my general fitness and wellbeing as I can get about my daily chores with less fatigue. I have only lost about 4-5 pounds but feel that this steady weight loss will continue if I continue with the workouts so fingers crossed! I’ll keep you posted…

Thanks again and kind regards, Lynn Kerins"

“Hello. I appreciate very much your free 12 week fitness program. I started about 4 weeks ago and it stopped the pain I used to get in my back. I feel much fitter to and will keep to doing it until I lose the weight I want. Thank you. Ranhita”

“Hi Ryan,

My goal is to gain muscle and I have been following your 12 week workout plan for four weeks now. I have noticed that in this time I have much more muscle tone and definition but how do I get bigger muscles!? Please can you help? I’d appreciate your advice.

Thanks in advance,

Josh Williams.”

"Dear Ryan,

It is great to see so many others using your brill workout, it is working well for me I have started trimming up great, not losing pounds but just losing size Im down from 38 – 36 waist and I have only been working for two and a half weeks.  They do say muscle is heavier than fat – a great workout that works.


David Tanner.


The workout programme is excellent i am definatley feeling the benefits and there are some noticable differences on my stomach in particular. I have lost almost a a stone and a half in 5 weeks but it is also down to the diet inwhich no fizzy drinks are allowed and that has made me feel less blowted. I will be sure to continue with this programme as it is beginning to change my life as i feel more energetic and now walk most place. Thankyou"

Rebecca Gilliver



thanx 4 the free 12 week programe it has really made a difference to my weekly exercising and i can see the benefits already."

Tonya Crompton

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Here are some of our client's 90 day achievements:

Anne C1

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